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Workers Comp Algorithms – Who Is Pushing the Model Buttons?

Workers Comp Algorithms – How Far Have They Progressed? The panel discussion yesterday with Frank Pennachio covered one hot topic – Workers Comp Algorithms. I do agree that almost everything in existence today has an algorithm attached to it. All one has to do is pick up their smartphone.  You

Workers Comp Predictive Analytics Changed Loss Run Reviews Forever

Workers Comp Predictive Analytics – Do Not Ignore Old Open Claims One of the big changes with loss run reviews started with the carriers and now the whole insurance industry not ignoring the old open claims. Workers Comp predictive analytics has changed how old open claims are evaluated in underwriting.

Workers Comp Claim Analytics – Looking For Miracles Under Every Rock

Workers Comp Claim Analytics – Hot Subject Leaves Me Cold Most workers comp claim analytics posts I have written was in search of a good claim analytics package.   Unfortunately,  my search ended up like my search for workers comp apps – disappointed with still a hope for the future. Company

Predictive Analytics Is Now Opioid Buzzword Replacement

Predictive Analytics Replaces Opioid Buzzword Predictive Analytics for workers compensation claims adjusting still has not proven itself as a cost saver.   Please note that I am referring to workers compensation only.    Predictive analytics for other lines of casualty insurance such as auto and property damage has shown some promise

Insurance Trends vs. Paper Clips – Lets Get Ready To Analyze

Insurance Trends  vs. Paper Clips Analytics The analysis of most insurance trends involves many innocuous spreadsheets that only gives the reader headaches.   I was looking over an old article today concerning a NCPRIMA presentation from 2014. BTW, we are upgrading every article on this website to make it Google

Do Work Comp Claim Analytics Really Work As Promised

Have Work Comp Claim Analytics Arrived? A Work Comp Claim Analytics package is something that I have been in search of for many years.   Can software actually replace the thinking process of an experienced adjuster? Last year at the 2015 WCRI Conference I met a few analysts for one of

Work Comp Predictive Models vs Gut Feelings – The Winner Is(?)

Work Comp Predictive Models There are so many articles on Work Comp predictive models out in the blogosphere.   Many taut their ability to see into the future.   I am not a big fan of predictive models as I have yet to see and am still waiting on one

Predictive Model For Workers Comp Misunderstanding

Prior WC Predictive Model Article Was Referring To Claim Reserves Last Friday,  I published a blog article on a predictive model in Workers Compensation.  A few emails were received that indicated there were many great software products for predicting E-Mods and other variables in Workers Compensation. In the original article,

Workers Compensation Predictive Modeling Will Never Work

Workers Compensation Predictive Modeling One of the more popular buzz phrases now is Workers Compensation predictive modeling.  If  one looks at any of the WC groups on LinkedIn,  there are many discussions on this very matter. There are many predictive models on WC.  Those models usually leave the observer with

Possible 75% Savings on Workers Comp Premium From My Studies

Possible 75% Savings – Study Results Below It’s possible to experience a 75% Savings according to the results of my WC studies. Yesterday, I blogged on predictive modeling in Workers Compensation.  I had mentioned there were two studies that I performed in the recent past on a group of 7,000

Predictive Modeling For Workers Compensation – Data On Horizon?

Workers Comp Predictive Modeling – Big Data Is The Key The Workers Comp predictive modeling prognosticators say that predicting workers comp data is on the horizon.  I was just reading over Mark Wall’s Work Comp Analysis Group in LinkedIn. If you are in Workers Comp and you do not follow



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