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Wisconsin Workers Comp Conundrum – Who Is or Is Not Employee?

Recent Court Decision Causes Wisconsin Workers Comp Conundrum For Temporary Agencies A recent  Wisconsin Workers Comp Appeals Court decision redefines the definition of an employer and employee.   My definition of exclusive remedy is – Employers cannot be sued in tort/civil court if a valid workers comp policy that covers an

Wisconsin Medical Fee Schedule Absence Very Expensive Option – WCRI

WCRI-Wisconsin Medical Fee Schedule Lacking A Wisconsin medical fee schedule would likely help out the Badger State.   WCRI ( Workers Comp Research Institute) recently updated its analysis of the Workers Comp environment in Wisconsin. One of the easiest ways to cut Workers Comp costs in a state is to enact

Shocking Discovery – Workers Compensation Insurance Began 2050 BC

Ancient Sumeria Invented Workers Compensation Insurance The origins of Workers Compensation Insurance is much more ancient than in the early 1900’s.  I had always thought the beginnings of the WC system involved merchant ships or started in Wisconsin. This article from the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development  (DWD)

Workers Comp Medical Cost Confusion – Wisconsin Is Now Highest

Wisconsin – Workers Comp Medical Cost I was finishing up my last post on Workers Comp medical costs. I had a research that proved Virginia was the highest in the nation. I then read this article and now I am confused. I think the Augusta Journal article that I referenced



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