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Stay at Work Washington L&I ‘s Unique Program – Guest Post

Stay at Work -How Washington State Companies Can Be Reimbursed Up to 50% of an Injured Worker’s Light DutyWages Stay at Work sounds like a great unique program for employers and injured employees. Two months ago,  Mr. Kohler (see below)  contacted me.  He wanted to see if I would be

Ohio Appeals Court Decision Start Privatization Conversation?

Ohio Appeals Court Decision  Could Change BWC A recent Ohio Appeals Court Decision against the Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) may possibly start the progression of the state’s monopolistic Workers Compensation system to a free market system.  The court decision is well worth a quick review.  (Pages 5 -7 and

Job Alcohol v. Marijuana Debate – A Great Article Readers Question

On The Job Alcohol v. Marijuana Debate The Job Alcohol v. Marijuana debate usually ends up with an interesting discussion.   The job alcohol v.  marijuana debate pits the right to privacy against the right to a safe workplace. A very interesting question popped up on the LinkedIn Work Comp Analysis

Monopolistic Washington May Be Free Market Soon Like West Virginia

Monopolistic Washington Free Market Soon Monopolistic Washington will be a free market soon. Monopolistic states for Worker’s Compensation such as Washington and South Dakota may be a free market system someday. Actually, Washington may take the plunge into the free market system such as Nevada and West Virginia have recently.

Washingtons Workers Comp Monopolistic System – Next To Fail?

Washingtons Workers Comp System An internal audit by the State of Washingtons Workers Compensation Department of Labor and Industry (L&I) may be the start of another Workers Comp system converting from a monopolistic system to a private system. West Virginia recently converted their state-run system into a free market. Washington’s



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