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New Virginia Medical Fee Schedule – Closer Look

New Virginia Medical Fee Schedule Active on January 1, 2018 The new Virginia medical fee schedule for Workers Compensation commences in a few weeks.   I actually thought it would not happen for another few years.   The new Virginia medical fee schedule leaves just four states that do not have medical

Virginia Medical Fee Schedule Now Reality After Decade

Virginia Medical Fee Schedule Finally Enacted The lack of a Virginia Medical Fee Schedule has long been a concern of mine and many of the Dominion State’s employers.   Fee schedules do save a large amount of Workers Comp dollars while still ensuring that injured employees receive the best medical

Virginia Medical Fee Schedule – Hell May Freeze Over After All

Virginia Medical Fee Schedule Passed By House and Senate A new Virginia medical fee schedule is in the works.   One of the last holdouts on not having a fee schedule is going to have one January 2018.   I was actually shocked that a Virginia medical fee schedule was not in

Is New Virginia Rule 14 Work Comp Fee Schedule?

The New Virginia Rule 14 – Fee Schedule Soon? The new State of Virginia Rule 14 is now closed for comments.   A copy of the Proposed Rule 14 can be found here.  (PDF File). According to the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission, a public hearing on Virginia Rule 14 was

Medical Fee Schedules Virginia Inaction Cost Employers 13%

Medical Fee Schedules – Virginia Legislature Moves On To Other Things Virginia’s decision on medical fee schedules will cost the state’s employers dearly.  The Virginia State Legislature decided to not act on fixing their Worker Comp medical fees.  As I pointed out in previous posts, Virginia is one of the

Virginia Has Most Expensive Workers Comp Medical Costs

Workers Comp Medical Costs In Virginia The Virginia WC medical costs are the most expensive in The Old Dominion State. I have posted often on fee schedules and their effect on Workers Compensation claims. In my original post (see link) on fee schedules, I did not include Virginia. The Dominion State



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