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COVID-19 Vaccination Reaction Claims- Compensable In Texas?

Texas Says Report COVID-19 Vaccination Reaction Claims (Work-Related) In reading various Workers Comp publications – yes, I do that in the evenings, I came across an article in Business Insurance Work Comp News that caught my eye.   The Texas Department of Insurance released a memo on March 2, 2021, that

Will Texas Opt Out Of Its Opt Out Program By Joining NCCI

By Joining NCCI Texas Opt Out Could Fade Did Texas opt out of Its non-subscriber system?  Texas has decided to join the Experience Rating System supplied by NCCI.   According to a fellow WC blogger, Texas may also look to remove the opt-out provisions in the law for the construction industry.

Texas Officially Joins NCCI System – Good Move Overall

Texas Officially Joins The NCCI System Texas officially joined the NCCI system today as the Department of Insurance files a petition to adopt NCCI’s Experience Rating Plan Manual.    Earlier in the year, The Texas Department of Insurance signed order 3455 adopting NCCI’s Statistical Plan for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance

Texas – Did Banning Informal WC Networks Cost Employers

WC Networks Cost Texas Employers According to WCRI WC Networks Cost employers in Texas. Did Texas make a large inadvertent mistake?  WCRI recently completed  a study CompScope™ Medical Benchmarks for Texas 14th Edition,.  One of the conclusions of the study was the growth in medical payments per workers’ compensation claim in Texas was

Texas Reforms Results Analysis – WCRI – Blogging Live

Texas Reforms – WCRI Conference – Live blogging The new Texas reforms  were presented along with the preliminary results. This is a very informative conference-session. The current  session is pre- and-post reforms in the state of TX. This example could be applied to other states with upcoming or in-place reforms

Opt-Out or Non-Subscriber Programs – New Report By Rousmaniere

Opt-Out or Non-Subscriber Report Just Published A new report was recently released on opt-out or non-subscriber services for Workers Compensation.  The report can be found here.  The report should be given a thumbs up by all that read it.  Please note the report is a very large PDF that will

State of Texas Workers Comp Report Shows Progress and Savings

Texas Workers Comp Report Looks Very Positive A state of Texas Workers Comp report shows progress and savings.  Texas and California always seem to be microcosms of what is occurring in Workers Compensation nationwide.  Last week, I came across the “Biennial Report of the Texas Department of Insurance To the 83rd Legislature.” You may want to

Texas Workers Comp Payments Decrease Due To Reforms

Texas Workers Comp Payments Are Lowering  The state of Texas workers comp payouts decreased for the first time in years.  According to WCRI,  the payments decreased overall by 4%.  This is a very large one year decrease in the current Workers Comp environment.   Texas enacted a large group of



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