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South Carolina

South Carolina Opt Out May Become Reality

South Carolina Opt Out Coming Soon (Maybe) The South Carolina Opt Out decision may be a reality soon.   The South Carolina State House introduced a bill that may actually allow South Carolina companies to Opt Out of Workers Compensation.    South Carolina would join Texas, Oklahoma, and possibly Tennessee

Independent Contractors In South Carolina

South Carolina Independent Contractors The following is a great assessment of how a specific Workers Compensation Commission views independent contractors. Even if your company has no Workers Comp concerns in SC, the control issue is spelled out here very well. The issue of employee vs. subcontractor is very important at the

Subcontractor vs Employee vs Owner Operator vs Statutory Employee

Employee vs Subcontractor IRS Rules This subcontractor vs employee determination question has made a comeback in blogs and publications that I have read over the last few weeks.  It has to do with the classification of employees or non-employees for Workers Compensation while on the job. I had posted previously

South Carolina Workers Comp PPD Rating News Item

Rating Viewings South Carolina Workers Comp News Item  South Carolina Workers Comp took a turn for the worse for adjusters trying to set permanency reserves on files.  On Friday, the South Carolina Industrial Commission decided to not go along with Governor Mark Sanford’s previous Order that the Industrial Commissioners decide permanency



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