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Oklahoma Opt-Out Insurance – OK Supreme Court Says See Ya!!!

Oklahoma Opt-Out Insurance Takes Major Hit The fans of Oklahoma Opt-Out Insurance were dealt a five fingered death punch. The Oklahoma Supreme Court just wiped out any semblance of Oklahoma Opt-Out Insurance by ruling it as unconstitutional. The Oklahoma Workers Comp Commission had already said NO to the opt out

Oklahoma Federal Health Insurance Exchange Increase= Case Shifting

Oklahoma Federal Health Insurance Exchange vs Case Shifting The Oklahoma Federal Health Insurance Exchange has basically reported that many health policies in the state will increase by up to 34%.  Reading that headline reminded me of the case shifting that was forecasted by Dr. Richard Victor (WCRI Director) at the

Oklahoma Captive Program Grows 572% In Two Years

Oklahoma Captive Program Grows The Oklahoma Captive program added 63 captives in the last two years.   In 2013, Oklahoma had 11 captives.  The explosive growth of captives may be another way that the larger employers looked to reduce costs without going through the opt-out process. The Oklahoma Insurance Department

WCRI Study – Louisiana New York Have Highest WC Opioid Use

WCRI Study Oklahoma recently enacted new rules for opioid use as 8% of the general population were long term users of painkillers.   WCRI recently performed a startling study on Workers Compensation opioid use which indicated that Louisiana and New York injured workers were ingesting massive amounts of opioids.  

Oklahoma’s New Anti Drug Abuse Bill Will Affect Workers Compensation

Oklahoma’s New Anti Drug Abuse Bill vs. Work Comp Oklahoma’s  new anti drug abuse bill should affect WC. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has given her blessing to a new bill that would limit the use of painkillers by requiring physicians to access a database to check on the prior prescriptions

Oklahoma – Is Opting Out Really Worth It To Be Like Texas?

Oklahoma – Is Opting Out Going To Be Worth The Trouble? Oklahoma made a very bold move this week to allow opt out programs for Workers Compensation coverage.  “Coverage” may not be the right term as no insurance carriers will be involved with the opted-out companies. One of the concerns

Oklahoma’s Workers Comp Opt Out Program Trumped By Obamacare

Oklahoma’s Workers Comp Opt Out Program vs Obamacare Oklahoma’s new opt out program legislation is working its way through the very long path to becoming law sometime in 2013.  The likely passage of the bill has created quite a buzz on the Workers Comp airwaves. One of the more interesting

Opt-Out or Non-Subscriber Programs – New Report By Rousmaniere

Opt-Out or Non-Subscriber Report Just Published A new report was recently released on opt-out or non-subscriber services for Workers Compensation.  The report can be found here.  The report should be given a thumbs up by all that read it.  Please note the report is a very large PDF that will

Oklahoma Workers Comp Overhaul Will Not Replace Current System

Oklahoma Workers Comp Overhaul Continues Old System The Oklahoma Workers Comp overhaul will have little effect to the current system. Oklahoma’s Workers Comp system is where I was trained many years ago. Being from Oklahoma, I always try to monitor the Workers Comp situation there. Why I write about different

Tulsa’s Workers Comp Doubles Payouts in Six Years Starting 2003

Tulsa’s Workers Comp Payment The City of Tulsa’s Workers Comp will be double Payouts in six years.  When something comes across my radar screen from my original home state, I always make sure that I read it over closely. According to the Tulsa World – Oklahoma’s second-largest city – Tulsa

Oklahoma and Feds Crackdown On Subcontractors

The Feds Crackdown  Down On Subcontractors The State of Oklahoma and Feds crackdown on dishonest subcontractors. Oklahoma organizations that misclassify employees as independent contractors are the target of new legislation approved by the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Senate Bill 1384 would allow the Oklahoma Tax Commission, the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation

Five Fixes For Workers Comp In Oklahoma – CompSource Aftermath

Workers Comp In Oklahoma – Five Fixes I wrote five fixes for Workers Comp in Oklahoma to help small businesses.  My last post covered Oklahoma’s CompSource. I am under the impression that CompSource will be sold in the future. What could Oklahoma do to help small businesses when there is

Attorney Conflict of Interest – Article From Oklahoman

Attorney Conflict of Interest The Oklahoman Newspaper Reports An attorney conflict of interest case in Oklahoma was revealed by The Oklahoman newspaper.   On a recent visit to Oklahoma, I came across an article in The Oklahoman newspaper that was of great con cern to me. A group of reporters for

Oklahoma Manufacturers Association’s Big Mistake

Oklahoma Manufacturers Association A few days ago I had posted about the Oklahoma Manufacturers Association wanting to establish a self-insurance pool for Workers Compensation. They have done well with a health insurance pool and wanted to try to do the same with Workers Comp. Workers Comp requires a large pool

Oklahoma Insurance Bill Allow CompSource to Cover Out of State Risks

Oklahoma Insurance Bill Would Change CompSource A new Oklahoma insurance bill is dangerous to Workers Comp.   Oklahoma is near and dear to my heart, as it is my home state. There are many problems with this bill that is not understood by the Oklahoma house. This could be an



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