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Recent Nebraska Supreme Court Cases Underwriter Adjuster Changes

Nebraska Supreme Court Cases Two days ago, I analyzed a recent court case where the Nebraska Supreme Court Cases made a ruling that can devastate a state’s Workers Comp system. The conundrum is two-fold for carriers and self-insureds and their Third Party Administrators (TPA’s): How do the insurance carriers make

Nebraska Supreme Court – Another Bad Decision

Nebraska Supreme Court Makes Surprising Decision The Nebraska Supreme Court as State Supreme Courts seem to do more often lately- affirmed the Workers Comp court’s decision in one of those cases that send a chill throughout the Workers Compensation community. The full decision can be found here.   This is a .PDF

Nebraska Supreme Court Changes Workers Comp System

Nebraska Supreme Court The following  Nebraska Supreme Court case could be considered more social legislation such as the infamous Florida decision that can actually wreck a Workers Comp system.   For readability, I decided to include all of the decision. You can also find the case here. This will have



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