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Standard Exception Codes

8871 Standard Exception Classification Code Question

Reader Question on 8871 Standard Exception Classification Code Article Last week, I wrote an article on the   2021 USRP Manual Update by the California Rating Bureau (WCIRB).   The webinar was great.   One area that was covered well was the 8871 Standard Exception Code. A devour reader reminded me that 8871

Classification Code 8810 – Final Answer?

Classification Code 8810 Classification Code 8810 may not be the final determination for many clerical office employees at the time of the workers comp premium audit.   Classification Code 8810 NOC (Not Otherwise Classified) is a Standard Exception Code. We receive a large number of inquiries from employers when, during

Premium Audits And Lesser Known Standard Exception Codes

The Lesser Known Standard Exception Codes Last week, I posted on the Standard Exception classification codes namely 8742 and 8810. The concern of a few of the blog readers and our clients is there were new classification codes on their premium audits such as Telecommuters. There are some very specialized

Workers Comp Class Codes 8810 and 8742 – Standard Exception Codes

Workers Comp Class Codes 8810 and 8742 Revisited The Workers Comp Class Codes 8810 and 8742 always generate a large amount of attention.  I receive a large number of comments and questions every time that I post on the NCCI and State Rating Bureau Workers Compensation Codes 8810 and 8742.

Standard Exception Codes 8810 and 8742 – Important Classification Codes

Standard Exception Codes Revisited The main Standard Exception codes denote 8810 and 8742. We have received so many questions on these two class codes that I thought that I would post about them again. These NCCI (R) Class Codes are also used by the various state rating bureaus in the

What are Workers Comp Standard Exception Codes?

Standard Exception Codes 8810 I posted on the most used Standard Exception Codes (8810) earlier this week, I thought it would be good to cover the subject again. I had posted on this subject back on October 16, 2008. That post is listed in the archived posts further down on

Standard Exceptions – Which Classification Codes?

NCCI Standard Exceptions Have Certain Class Codes You mentioned the Standard Exceptions question in your last post. What are they and why are they important?  A blog reader emailed this question overnight. We will use NCCI Standard Exception Codes – classifications that are common to many businesses and that are



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