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Small Claims vs. One Large Claim

Small Workers Compensation Claim Does Not Exist – Risk Is Risk

A Small Workers Compensation Claim Is A Misnomer A small Workers Compensation claim can grow to a large one in the blink of an eye. The following was taken from a manual that I first wrote in 2000. It is timeless Workers Comp policy and claims info. Yes, this may not

Small Workers Comp Claim – Often Ignored But Expensive Risk

Small Workers Comp Claim Can Easily Be A Huge One Reviewing a loss run for a small Workers Comp Claim justifies the time to perform the task.  Please see the last two days of postings. It may be best to read them before this post. This mini-analysis is similar to

Many Small Workers Comp Claims-No Major Ones

Small Workers Comp Claims Can Be Expensive The Other Side of the Coin – many small Workers Comp claims, but no major ones. This is one of those dangerous Workers Comp budget busters. As I said in my last post, there is a built-in safety net for a business that



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