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Converting from Self-Insurance To The Voluntary Market Due To Pandemic

Converting From Self-Insurance To The Voluntary Market – 10 Item Checklist The subject of converting from self-insurance to voluntary market policies has been brought up quite a few times due to the loss of employees by some larger companies.  Some Workers Comp self-insureds shrank during the pandemic due to overall

Workers Comp Self Insurance Calendar – Important Dates To Remember

Workers Comp Self-Insurance Calendar – Repetitiveness is Key Last week, I wrote an article on the voluntary market policy calendars. I did not want to leave out self-insureds as I sometimes forget is 15% of the market needs to be considered more often in studies, articles, and even in my

Workers Compensation Self Insureds – Often Ignored Puzzle Piece

Workers Compensation Self-Insureds Gripe At Me Most For This One Reason Yes, I admit it.  I often write about Experience Modification Factors, premium audits, and other parts of the WC system.  I should be writing more articles on Workers Compensation Self Insureds than I have over the years.   Then again,

Self Insured Claims Data – Your TPA Has Many Helpful Options Online

Self Insured Claims Data – Going Beyond A Loss Run J&L examines loads of self insured claims data every month.  Some TPAs offer loads of information that go beyond just reviewing a loss run. Much of the self insured claims data can be reviewed using notifications as bells and whistles. 

The Workers Comp Self Insurance Risk No One Talks About

Workers Comp Self Insurance Risk – The $250,000 Repetitive Mega Claims I sometimes forget to mention the self insurance side of Workers Comp Risk Management.   A certain Workers Comp self insurance risk conversation seldom occurs in voluntary insurance vs. self insurance decisions. Voluntary insurance may seem like an unused commodity

Top 10 Self Insured Resolutions For New Year 2017

Top 10 Self Insured Resolutions – 2017 and Beyond The self insured resolutions for 2017 is an update of the last three years.   I used to write resolutions for the voluntary marketplace only until a friend of mine asked about self insured resolutions.   Many of the recommendations center

Workers Comp Self Insured Resolutions for 2016

Workers Comp Self Insured Resolutions The Workers Comp self insured resolutions were originally written in 2013.   Yesterday, the overall resolutions for WC were updated for 2016.    You may want to follow the link to the old article for reference.  I am often reminded by our self insured clients

Converting to Self Insurance – Five Important Considerations & Alternatives

Converting to Self Insurance – New Tasks To Accomplish Converting to self insurance is a very popular option for many companies. We receive many inquiries every year from employers that wish to cover to self insurance for their Workers Compensation coverage. The inquiries to our offices reached a fever pitch

Workers Comp Self Insured Resolutions Five From 2013 updated for 2014

Workers Comp Self Insured Resolutions – Updated for 2014 Five 2013 Workers Comp self insured resolutions have been updated for 2014. When talking about Workers Comp premiums, self insureds are often left out in the cold.  Self insureds do not pay premiums for Workers Comp. This actually exposes the self insured

Six Self Insurance Program Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Self Insurance Program Mistakes Can Be Costly Below are six self insurance program mistakes and how to avoid them.  Over the last several weeks, I have received numerous emails from Workers Comp self-insureds.  Most of them were reminders to write articles about self-insurance programs.  The six mistakes some self-insureds make

Workers Comp Study Ask For Adjuster or Risk Manager Opinion?

A Great Workers Comp Study With No Claims or Risk Input A recent Workers Comp study on Zero Cost Claims makes me wonder if the researchers decided to ask an adjuster or risk manager their opinion before they published the article.  I found the study in a recent Insurance Journal article.

Law Of Large Numbers – How It Ruins Small WC Funds

Law Of Large Numbers Catches Up To All Small Insurance Funds The recent Affordable Care Act (ACA) going live is a reminder of how risk needs to be spread over a large numbers of participants to be viable. The Law of Large Numbers is one of the concerns that the

Workers Comp Self Insureds – Five New Years Resolutions

Workers Comp Self Insureds – Great Way To Start The Work Comp New Year Five new years resolutions for Workers Comp Self Insureds are listed below.  .When talking about Workers Comp premiums, self insureds are often left out in the cold.  Self insureds do not pay premiums for Workers Comp.

Do The Great Premium Deals Really Save Money?

The Great Premium Deals May Not Be Deals After All Do the great workers comp premium  deals really save money? With prices rising (at least for the short-term) in California and other states, the “we can save you a ton of dough on premiums” vendors  are now appearing again on

Self Insured Pools – Are They Really Worth It?

Self Insured Pools Are Really Worth It ? Self Insured pools for Workers Compensation can be a great risk management technique. An employer that is not large enough to be self insured may find that pooling their premiums and risk with homogenous entities to be a great budget saving technique.

Modified Self Insurance – Caveat On Risk

The Modified Self Insurance Captives, large deductibles, and other types of workers comp modified self insurance are now gaining great importance due to the present economy. All companies are now searching for a way to insure for Workers Comp accidents at a reduced rate. One of J&L’s specialties is providing

Workers Comp Dates Upcoming Important Ones For Your Calendar

Very Important Workers Comp Dates One of the most important Workers Comp dates is upcoming. Timing is everything with reducing your Workers Comp claims and premiums. There are a few upcoming dates that are very important for Workers Comp polices in the regular market. If your company has a January

Self Insurers Can Ruin Their Programs – 12 Hidden Ways

Self Insurers Can Ruin Their Programs Without Realizing It The first 12 ways self insurers ruin their Workers Comp programs are below.  Workers Compensation self insurance can be more complicated than paying for a regular policy. I have received many emails asking me to comment on how self insureds can

Self Insured Edition – 5 Ways Workers Compensation Programs Fail

Self Insured Edition – Workers Compensation Program Our readership on the 10 Ways To Tell If Your Workers Compensation Program Is In A Failure Spiral spiked very heavily last week. Some of our self insured clients asked if there were any differences for the self insureds than the regular first dollar

Funded Self-Insurance

 Term Of The Day – Funded Self-Insurance Funded self-insurance is also referred to as accountant’s self insurance. An account or accounts are set up in a company’s budget to pay the Workers Compensation claims. These accounts are “funded” at the beginning of the budget year. Risk management techniques such as

Self Insurance – Forgotten Area For Medical Networks

Self Insurance And Medical Networks   Last week, I covered the advantages of Workers Comp self insurance over regular insurance. Today, I wanted to cover an area that is often ignored when setting up a self insurance program. That is the area of medical networks. Are you going to turn

Self Insurance For Workers Compensation – Has Big Advantages

 Advantages Of Self Insurance – Going Out On Your Own In my last few posts, I did make Workers Comp self insurance seem to be more of a hassle than it is really worth. My main reason for posting the 11 concerns was to make companies examine their program more

Workers Comp Self Insurance – Five More Things To Consider

Workers Comp Self Insurance Concerns Below are Five Workers Comp Self Insurance concerns when reviewing your policies and audits. Earlier this week I posted on what companies should consider before pursuing self insurance as a means to reduce Workers Comp costs. We had a large enough response to the article

Workers Comp Self Insurance Conversion – Five Questions To Ask

Workers Comp Self Insurance Qualifiers Most of the Workers Comp self insurance qualifiers center around the employer’s ability to have enough money to pay claims. One of our most requested services is to see if self insurance is a valid option for a large company. If your company is considering

California Workers Comp Self Insured Mess

Self Insured Mess Of California The California Workers Comp self insured situation should be considered a total mess.  I was reading an article at www.wcexec.com on the recent collapse The Contractors Access Program of California (CAP), a self insured group of contractors, is scheduled to be seized by California’s Office of Self

Two Large Self Insured Groups Fail – Are There More to Come?

Two Large Self Insured Groups Fall On Hard Times The Preferred Auto Dealers Self Insured Program of California failed due to the large reduction in the number of dealers and the shrinkage of the surviving car dealers.  Due to the recent credit crunch the fund was unable to obtain an uncollateralized

Self Insureds And Workers Comp System – Misconceptions

Workers Comp Self Insureds Common Misconceptions I have heard from many self insureds that I do not post often enough about the trials and tribulations of handling a Workers Comp Self Insured Program. They are/were correct. I am going to post a few blogs on self insurance over the next few

Tennesseean Article – Self Insurance and Law of Large Numbers

Workers Comp Tennesseean Article – Law of Large Numbers The Article Below Appeared in the Tennesseean. Check my post for tomorrow to see my opinion on what really happened and what happens when you violate the Law of Large Numbers. The head of the Tennessee Restaurant Association stepped down from

Workers Comp Cost Savings For Your Company From Control

Workers Comp Cost Savings = Employer Control How does the Workers Comp cost savings comes from  employer control ?  I have covered the ways that almost any employer can apply some of the techniques used by fully self insured employers to control Workers Comp costs. We started with what the

Cutting Workers Comp Costs – Self Insured Misnomer

Cutting Workers Comp Costs Even If You Have TPA Cutting Workers Comp Costs can be easily misunderstood in certain areas by almost everyone.  Over the past fifteen years, we have analyzed many Self Insureds with a TPA that is paid on a flat fee basis. The Self Insureds have told

Fully Self-Insured Is Not Same As Large Deductible Program

Workers Comp Like a Fully Self-Insured Part III Are you fully self-insured in a large deductible program?  Let us look at the mechanics of having a deductible. Large Deductible Programs We have received many emails and calls from employers with Large Deductible programs. The number of clients we have with Large

Small Companies Can Operate Like Self-Insured

Workers Comp Small Companies Strategy Small Companies Can Operate Like A Self-Insured (in a way) – From the last post we are going to start with the smallest companies and work our way up to the largest. The theme is saving money by operating like a Workers Comp fully self

Self-Insureds – Really Out of Workers Comp System?

Self-Insureds In or Out Of The Workers Comp System? I often hear when talking about Workers Compensation self-insureds that they do need to worry about the trials and tribulations of the Workers Comp system as it is today. Actually, even if you are self-insured, the Workers Comp system is still

Self-Insurance – Workers’ Comp Phenomenon That Can Ruin Budgets

Self-Insurance Phenomenon Kills Company Budget Self-insurance was an area I used to not cover as well as it should have been covered that when I had written articles, manuals, or presentations. I coined the term “Self-Insurance Phenomenon” after hearing these comments and auditing self-insured files for private companies and governmental



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