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Schedule Debit or Credit

Work Comp Schedule Rating Factor Use It or Lose It @Policy Commences

Work Comp Schedule Rating Factor Highly Negotiable Before Start of Policy Search For The Work Comp Schedule Rating Factor.   Why do we want to search for it?   Because your company may be leaving negotiable  premiums on the table, so to speak.   Ok, Workers Comp policy wonks,  this article

Work Comp Schedule Ratings Backed By Science

Work Comp Schedule Ratings Backed by FSU Research Some of the Work Comp Schedule Ratings produced by NCCI, WCIRB, and other rating bureaus now have science to back the Schedule Debits or Credits.   The definition of  Schedule Ratings can be found here. A recent study by Florida State University has

Workers Comp Safety Programs – Secret Element In One Chart

Workers Comp Safety Programs – One Of The Big Justification Secrets Most workers comp safety programs have been reduced or cut back to a minimum. As the economy has tanked, companies such as yours are looking for ways to save on workers comp safety programs more than ever. I have seen many

Do Schedule Credits Reward Safety – Yes They Do

Schedule Credits Can Save Big on Premiums Schedule Credits – discretionary premium adjustment based on underwriters evaluation of special characteristics of a risk not reflected in the E-Mod.  The opposite adjustment is schedule debits. I have seen where the Schedule Credits or Debits  can cause a 25% increase or a



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