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Ignoring Workers Compensation Insurance Now = Paying More Later

Ignoring Workers Compensation Insurance Means Future Larger Premiums Many articles have appeared on this website after watching a process repeated multiple times.  An employer ignoring workers compensation insurance will soon pay more premiums to their carrier.  A self-insured employer will end up allocating more of their budget to Workers Comp

FAA Risk Management – Letter From Director Shows Alcohol Masks Risk

FAA Risk Management – Alcohol and Masks Risk With No Prosecution The FAA risk management letter  I came across yesterday shows a large concern for alcohol served in airports when added to the mask requirement. I came across this letter from Steve Dickson, Administrator for the FAA.  You can find

Home Ergonomics Advice Reduces Workers Comp Costs

Home Ergonomics Advice Learned From Recent Webinar Recently, I viewed (or should it be attended?) a webinar on home ergonomics advice from TeamErgo that is owned by Mindy Smith.  I have seen her present at least five or six times over the last 15 years.  If you contact her, she

Workers Comp Risk Management Is Like Bag of Apples

A Bag of Apples Shows How Workers Comp Risk Management Works Yesterday,  I included a short article with a video from Washington L&I.  The response was very positive on keeping Workers Comp Risk Management toned down to more simplistic terms. The customer is always right. Workers Comp Cost Questions One

Telecommuting Employee Accidents – The New Work Comp Paradigm

Telecommuting Employee Accidents – Risk Management and Claims Nightmare? The Coronavirus pandemic grew what was a “cottage industry” type job to one of the most popular jobs in existence today.   Most telecommuting employee accidents will involve in-home hazards. Let us look at the: Previous telecommuter articles – check out the

Employers Cheat Themselves On Workers Comp Claims – Four Ways

Employers Cheat Themselves  On Claims Without Realizing It – Ways To Stop Now The four ways that employers cheat themselves on Workers Comp claims cause many insureds and self-insureds to pay extra without realizing it.  Follow along as I cover each of them. In summary form, the four ways are:

Workers Comp Physician Networks Importance Reaches Critical Mass

Workers Comp Physician Networks Now More Critical to Cut Comp Costs One of the Six Keys or Secrets to cut your work comp costs becomes even more important now due to a fact covered later in this article.   Workers Comp physician networks are a great risk management technique that involves

Responsible Risk Management On Highway – Our Safety Consultant

Responsible Risk Management And The Move Over Law This responsible risk management article was forwarded to me by our Safety Consultant Glen DuLac, CSP Why Not Start on the Right ? I had planned on writing a nice vanilla flavored Safety article, which would have caught the attention of the

Risk Management Mistakes – Silent Top Five In Workers Comp

Silent Risk Management Mistakes Stay Under The Radar These five silent Risk Management mistakes in Workers Comp never show up on a graph, chart, or in a report.    After all the RIMS buzz this week, I decided to cover the mistakes I have seen in my 27 years in

Associate in Risk Management Designation (ARM) – Worth It?

Work Comp Adjuster Question on Associate in Risk Management Is the Associate in Risk Management designation worth the effort?   I have my Associate in Claims (AIC) designation.  Is the ARM the next step in career advancement?   The above question came in from a California adjuster after the two articles

Top 10 Risk Management Techniques For Workers Comp

Top 10 Risk Management Techniques The Risk Management Techniques for Workers Comp can vary by state. One technique may not work in a certain state. The following is a list of great risk management techniques for Workers Comp.  The list is generic.  Most should work in every state.   These

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) – Great Risk Management Technique

Functional Capacity Evaluation – A Workers Comp Mystery The Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)  is one of the great Workers Comp mysteries.   All claims people talk about it.  Most doctors want it.  Some say it is too expensive to use on files.   I have also heard the same comments

Workers Comp Math – Where 2 + 2 = 5.36789

A Great Example of Workers Comp Math The crazy world of Workers Comp math has driven many people batty.   Why? Last week, I wrote an article that pointed out no one claim can wreck your  Workers Comp Experience Mod.    A few readers  contacted me in reference to my quote

Independent Medical Exam (IME)- 10 Ways To Harm File

Independent Medical Exam (IME) Can Easily Blow Up A File An Independent Medical Exam is one of two-edged swords in WC Risk Management.  One of the most controversial and fund-leaking Risk Management techniques for Workers Compensation is the Independent Medical Exam (IME). This list is not just for adjusters.  Anyone that

Top 10 Challenges for WC – Expanded Part 2

Top 10 Challenges for WC – The Next Five Top 10 Challenges –  part 2 of 2 6.    24 hour coverage – WC and health melding 7.    No young workers in WC, Risk Management, or Safety Industries 8.    Deflation of the dollar as a currency 9.    WC

Determining Future Medical Exposure – Life Care Plans + Cost Projections

Determining Future Medical Exposure Presentation Determining future medical exposure was the next presentation.  Presenters – Alisa Cornetto and Carmen Bullard, Concierge Medical and Risk Consultants Hire someone certified due to Daubert  rules and also that have proper credentials Review CV’s of life care planners and other consultants Definition of Chronic

Doc In A Box – Bad Name For Great Risk Management Technique

Great Risk Management Technique with Bad Name – Doc In A Box This Great Risk Management Technique known ass Doc in a Box deserves a better slang term.  The Five Keys To Workers Comp Savings that I wrote 25 years ago have as their key savings component – medical control.

Are Apologies New Risk Management Technique?

New Risk Management Technique Involves Apologies? Claims Magazine recently featured an article pondering the benefits of apologies by claims adjusters.   Shockingly, there are 37 states that prevent apologies from an insurance company being held against them in court.   The article centered around property claims.  A quote from the article

Workers Comp Premium Checks -Just Stop Writing – Five Ways

Five Ways – Check Before Writing Workers Comp Premium Checks Stop just writing Premium Checks for Workers Comp was the first motto that J&L had used when we started over 17 years ago. Yesterday, I had two conversations on Workers Comp costs. One was with a risk management adviser and

Safety Statistics Shows Failure of Basic Risk Management

Basic Risk Management Failure Shown By Safety Statistics A recent Safety Statistics article was not kind to basic risk management.  I was reading through a large amount of workers comp publications over the weekend. I came across what to me were astounding statistics on safety and risk management. The survey

Safety And Risk Management Departments – Are They Really Worth It?

Safety And Risk Management Departments – Worth The Expense? During workers comp premium and review audits, I have pleaded with companies to keep their risk management and safety departments as fully staffed as possible. Workers Compensation safety and risk management departments have been pared to the core during the great

Plant Nurses – Are They Worth It – E-Mod LDF Results Take Time

Plant Nurses Is A Great Risk Management Technique We have found that our recommendations for plant nurses have worked out very well for our higher E-Mod/X-Mod clients.  They are indispensable for proper medical referrals and to treat minor injuries.  In some cases, they have saved lives in serious injury situations.

Fatigue Risk Factor Same As Alcohol Risk – Risk Management Shocker

Shocker – Fatigue Risk Same As Alcohol Risk Can fatigue risk be similar to alcohol risk? There were many questions, comments, and web traffic on this blog from the post last week on Fatigue Risk Management. I thought research on Google would aid me in finding some other material. I

Fatigue Risk Management – Cutting Edge (Or Is It?)

Fatigue Risk Management ( FRM) One of the best studies I have seen in quite some time on workplace Risk Management was a recently published analysis on Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) – see this article. It is from the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. The subject is not

Pure Risk Keeps Insurance From Being Seen As Gambling

Pure Risk Is Not Gambling  Pure risk keeps the insurance industry from being considered gambling. With a pure risk you have three situations: Chance of loss Chance of no loss No chance of gain With Workers Compensation, an employee may be injured while on the job or may never incur

Pay Without Prejudice – Legal In Workers Compensation Claims?

Pay Without Prejudice OK In Some States The pay without prejudice period occurs when the Workers Comp adjuster decides (where legal) to begin paying indemnity and medical benefits without accepting an accident as compensable. Many jurisdictions have a specific form that is filed with the governing body to allow the

Risk Management Process Basics

The Risk Management Process I decided to take a step back and look at the forest and not the trees in this and some of the next blog posts. The Risk Management Process may look basic, but not following the natural flow can cause an enormous financial burden to small and



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