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Using Reinsurance to Make Captive Structure – CICA Conference

CICA Conference – Using Reinsurance to Make Strategic Decisions Presenters – David Sullivan (AON Benfield), Paul McKeon (TransRe) and Brian Alvers (AON Benfield) (Re)Insurance Market Overview The worldwide total supply of insurance services has grown to $4.2 trillion in 2014.   There has been a steady growth in supply since a sharp

Self Insureds – Do You Know If Your Excess Insurer Has Been Notified?

Self Insureds Need To Monitor Excess or Reinsurer Notification Do you know if your self insureds has been notified? Workers Compensation excess insurance (reinsurance) can often go unnoticed in all the inner workings as a file progresses towards its conclusion.   A reinsurer denying coverage because they were never put

Reinsurance/Excess Insurance Market Hardens

Reinsurance Market No Longer Soft The reinsurance/excess Insurance Market has started to change from a commodity marketplace.  The excess insurance market is usually the bellwether for the rest of  the marketplaces. Reinsurance/Excess Insurance is basically defined as a risk management technique.  The employer will purchase this type of insurance to

Self Insureds – Stop This Costly Hidden Workers Comp Mistake

Self Insureds Need To Consider Their Reinsurance Purchase One of the most costly mistakes with Workers Comp self insureds is not putting enough effort into searching for and securing reinsurance, also known as excess insurance.   Self Insureds letting the Third Party Administrator (TPA) shop and choose the reinsurance may not

Reinsurance Trade Group Or Cartel – Global Reinsurance Forum

Reinsurance Trade Group Seen By Some As Cartel Is this reinsurance trade group a cartel?  The Global Reinsurance Forum reached it’s first anniversary in September of this year. Launched by 10 major reinsurers, the forum’s aim is to be a lobby group that’s goal is to shape international regulatory and



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