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NCCI and WCIRB Differ on Two Main Issues – Both COVID Related

NCCI and WCIRB – Two Recent COVID-19 Differences Many times on this website,  comparisons have been made between NCCI and WCIRB rules.  NCCI is the Workers Compensation rating bureau that covers 41 states with its HQ in Boca Raton, FL.  The WCIRB is the California Workers Compensation rating bureau. I

Rate Bureau Calculations Using WCRI Numbers Show Mod Increases

Using Rate Bureau Calculations on WCRI’s Data – Whew! Most Rate Bureau calculations make people daydream or roll their eyes back in their heads just before they start to drift off to sleep.  I have concocted  a few statistics using WCRI’s astute statistics and WorkCompCentral’s great data analysis. WCRI (Workers

Workers Comp Rating Bureaus Make Mistakes – Who Is Really To Blame?

Are Workers Comp Rating Bureaus Responsible For Rating Mistakes Most Workers Comp Rating Bureaus are only as good as the data the organizations receive from the carriers. The data progression on final rates in uncomplicated terms is: Workers Comp Rating Bureau (NCCI, WCIRB or State Independent) receives data from carriers

Work Comp Rate Bureaus Becoming Credit Bureaus?

WC Rate Bureaus and The 1.01 Employer Conundrum All Work Comp Rate Bureaus consider an employer with a 1.0 Mod as your average employer in reference to accident rates and severity.  However, as I wrote in my last article millions are on the line if a Mod increases above 1.0.

North Carolina Rate Bureau NCCI Part Ways Last Month

The North Carolina Rate Bureau Has No Records At NCCI Now The North Carolina Rate Bureau changed their relationship with NCCI.  I received a call in the early part of March from NCCI.  NCCI said they owed me a refund.  I asked why?  NCCI informed me that nothing can now

North Carolina Rate Bureau Adds New Rules Including PEOs

North Carolina Rate Bureau Adds New Rules – Changes Others The North Carolina Rate Bureau (NCRB) mostly followed the new national rules from NCCI on most of their rule changes.   However,  the Bureau added in a few changes that did not follow NCCI. You may find the document at

North Carolina Rate Bureau Reform – New Insurance Commissioner

The North Carolina Rate Bureau With A New Insurance Commissioner The North Carolina Rate Bureau (NCRB) is one of the last standing independent rating bureaus for Workers Compensation.    The times are changing as the new Insurance Commissioner –Mike Causey  has mentioned that one of his post-election goals was to

WC Premium Increases Secret – Insurers Ignore Rating Bureaus

WC Premium Increases Source Not Rating Bureaus The secret to WC premium increases has to do with investment risk. The questions that I am asked the most in my line of work are twofold: Do you know of a good stock to invest in – a hot stock tip as

Rating Bureaus – Claims Reporting Confusion Question

Rating Bureaus  – How Do They Receive Claims Info – Reader’s Question A readers question on how claims are reported to the Rating Bureaus.  Loss runs are the Holy Grail for controlling your Workers Comp costs.  A great blog readers question email came in last week.   The question –

Six Workers Comp Premium Saving Resolutions

 Workers Comp Premium Saving Resolutions Workers Comp Premium saving resolutions are always a great way to start the New Year.  There are six easy workers comp premium saving resolutions below.  These will work for companies of all sizes.  Six Workers Comp Resolutions for Self Insureds will be covered next time.  



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