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Top 10 Workers Comp Questions Received From Employers Agents

Top 10 Workers Comp Questions We Are Asked Most Often The top 10 workers comp questions received by us since we opened for business in 1996 cover many topics.    1. I just had a payroll audit on my Workers Comp. My insurance carrier sent me a huge bill. Do

Blog Reader Question On Last Three Posts

Blog Reader Questions A Question from blog reader on  the last three articles. Could you go through the math on how Primary Losses and Excess Losses affect Workers Comp premiums? Yes, no problem, as this is a very critical subject with a company’s Workers Comp premiums. Let us go back

Follow up Question to Last Post By Devout Blog Reader

One of Our Regular Blog Readers  Has A Follow up Question The follow up question on our software comes from one of our regular blog readers. We have received quite a few questions about the software that we have developed for analysis for Workers Compensation policies, premiums, E-Mods, and reserves.

#1 Question on Workers Comp From Our Readers

Our Readers #1 Question The #1 question we receive from employers usually involves a premium audit bill. Q: I have just received an audit billing of $47,500 from our Workers Compensation policy from last year. What do I do now? My total premium for last year was $93,000. The bill is

Work Comp Secret Question You Can Ask Anyone

The Work Comp Secret Question Is? What is the work comp secret question to ask anyone that deals with your Workers Comp to see if they understand the whole Workers  Compensation picture? The answer – you will need to contact us here to find out. It is a good one that



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