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Workers Comp Premium Calculation Video – Great Explanations

Workers Comp Premium Calculation Video – Good Quick Explanation  This 4-minute video is well worth your time.   The video is from C3 Insurance Academy.   You can reduce your viewing time to three minutes if you do not wish to see the alternate shortcut way to figure your premiums.  This is

Few Work Comp Premium Written Surprises for 2014

Work Comp Premium Written Surprises for 2014 The total work comp premium written for 2014 increased 5.6% over 2013 to $46.8 billion according to AM Best.   These figures were part of the Top 25 Workers Comp carriers for 2014 report issued annually. Two carriers doubled their net premiums written

Business Tax Consideration for Workers Compensation Premiums?

Workers Compensation Premiums As A Business Tax Should Workers Compensation Premiums be considered as a tax?  Premiums and taxes are similar in some respects.   Workers Compensation premiums and taxes are also very different when compared to each other.   One of the ways that premiums and business taxes differ

Six Ways To Leverage Your Workers Comp Premiums For Savings

Six Ways To Leverage What Premiums Are Paid Out The  six ways to leverage your Workers Comp premiums are listed below.  Workers Compensation is almost always considered an expense.  What if an employer decided to analyze WC as an investment? The definition of leverage in this case is borrowing or

Deposit Premium Has Very Little To Do With Final Bill

Workers Compensation Deposit Premium <> Final Policy Bill We are starting to notice a trend between your company’s initial deposit premium and the final premium audit bill.   The deposit premium is just that – a deposit to bind coverage.   We hear from many company owners and risk managers

Workers Compensation Premiums – An Investment?

Workers Compensation Premiums Are An Investment Workers Compensation premiums of any type are almost always viewed as an expense.  I actually changed my career path due to the question in the title.  Workers Compensation premiums should be viewed as an investment, whether a company pays premiums or is self-insured. Mark

Premiums After Auto and Workers Comp Accident

Auto and Workers Comp Accident Premium Comparison A reader recently asked – Does a Workers Comp accident and an auto accident affect the policyholders’ premiums in the same manner? The answer is yes and no. Let us look at some of the similarities and differences. Workers Compensation and auto accidents

Five Ways That Workers Comp Is Affected In Bad Economy

Five Ways A Bad Economy Affects Workers Comp A Bad Economy affects Workers comp premiums in varied ways.  I have read a few articles on the effect that our current sour economy has had on insurance such as an upcoming hard market, lowering claim numbers, etc. I thought I would

Workers Comp Premiums Can Be Lowered – But It Takes Time

Workers Comp Premiums Quick Fix Takes Patience Your Workers Comp premiums -Immediately lower them for your company. This is probably the question that I am asked most often at presentations, conferences, and meetings.  There is no “quick fix” for your Workers Comp premiums.  Reducing your companies premiums takes at least

File Premium Reserve Reviews – Differences

Workers Comp File Premium Reserve Reviews Yes, they are all different.  Workers Comp file premium reserve reviews are three very different reviews that we perform for employers I have posted on this issue more than a few times. This is most of what we do for a business. I felt

Another Premiums Question From One of Our Blog Readers

Our Blog Readers Questions on Premiums We received a few questions from our article readers on Workers Comp premium. What is the one thing that I can do to quickly reduce my Workers Comp premiums? I wish there was a quick-fix for paying less Workers Compensation premiums. There is a one-year



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