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Premium Audit Dispute

Workers Comp Premium Audit Dispute Delay Can Be Very Costly

Premium Audit Dispute Delay Costs Company $500,000 – Ouch! Over the last 13 years that I have been writing articles for the J&L website, I have warned very heavily against any type of premium audit dispute delay.   Delaying a dispute of or ignoring a bill from your current or prior

Disputed Premium Audit Bill – Does Our Company Have To Pay Any Of It?

Disputed Premium Audit Bill – How Much To Pay? One question that we receive the most often is the sufficient amount to pay when there is a disputed premium audit bill.  Premium audits and the associated bills always generate a large number of questions. The answer in the simplest terms is

Canceling Your Policy Right After Renewal Or Premium Audit Costly

Canceling Your Policy Right After Renewal Bad Choice Will canceling your policy post-renewal due to a premium audit cost your company $$$? We receive this question at least once per week.   This is an almost verbatim question from two weeks ago with editing for length. Question – “We just

Premium Audit Disputes and Collection Agencies Warning

Premium Audit Disputes Warning Since the first of the year, a large number of inquiries on premium audit disputes from employers with premium  audit disputes. I am not sure if insurance carriers by contract can do this – but a large number of disputed bills are being forwarded to collection

Estimated Premium Audits For Non Compliance Costly Proposition

Estimated Premium Audits Not Sound Judgement By Employer Estimated Premium Audits for non compliance costs many employers dearly.  Premium audit bills and notices generate most of the calls and emails we receive on a consistent basis.  The first question that is asked usually concerns allowing the premium auditor to examine

Audit Dispute No Explanation Great Way To Alienate Carrier + Agent

Audit Dispute With No Explanation Can Create Bad Vibes A premium audit dispute with no explanation of why it was disputed can wreck your Workers Comp system. We are quite often brought into a dispute that an employer has with their insurance carrier’s audit.   One caveat to disputing a

Premium Audit Bill and Policy Renewal Conondrum

Changing Carriers Due To Premium Audit Bill Can Be Costly Our Workers Comp premium audit bill surprisingly increased our premium by 26%.  We do not necessarily agree with the audit and want to change insurance carriers.    Due to the timing of the audit, we are already two months into our next

Premium Audit Dispute – DIY- Goes Horribly Wrong

Premium Audit Dispute – DIY A Premium Audit Dispute can go awry if a company is not careful. Last week, I received an email with an audit dispute letter and an additional premium bill from a company in West Virginia. We usually receive one or two of these a month.

Paying Premium Audit Bill – I May Have Been Misunderstood

Paying The Premium Audit Bill  Misunderstanding Last week, I wrote a post concerning paying the premium audit bill.  I have heard from a few of our weekly newsletter readers that the title of the newsletter article and the article itself sounded like an employer should just pay the bill. I

Premium Audits – Paying Undisputed Premiums

Paying The Undisputed Premiums Requirement The undisputed premiums after the audit should be paid to the carrier.  We have received a number of questions on how to proceed if there is a Workers Comp premium dispute on how much premiums are owed. For example, I received this question last week.  We

Premium Audit Disputes and Collection Agencies Confusion

Premium Audit Disputes vs. Collection Agencies Most premium audit disputes may not be documented by a collection agency.  I received a great question on Premium Audits this week. We are disputing our premium audit for 2009 – 2010. We are receiving letters from a collection agency and the carrier. Do

US Appeals Court Rules On Premium Dispute

US Appeals Court Sides With Employer On Premium Audit Dispute An employer disputed the premium audit properly was the US appeals court ruling from last week. I was reading an article earlier this week in The Workers Comp Forum concerning an employer in South Carolina that disputed their Workers Comp

How Would Company Dispute Workers Compensation Premium Statement

WC Premium Statement and Bill Did your company dispute your WC premium statement and bill?  If your company feels the insurance carrier has not billed you correctly – especially at the time of premium audit, then by all means do not wait to send in a premium dispute letter.  Your

Workers Compensation Premium Audits – Its That Time Of Year

Almost The Time Of Year for Workers Compensation Audits Its that Workers Compensation Premium Audits Time of the year – almost. With the largest number of employers renewing on January 1, the number of audits increase dramatically in January and February.  If your Workers Comp policy renewed on 1/1, you

Is A Payroll Audit Dispute Worth Your Company’s Time And Effort?

Payroll Audit Dispute And NCCI Is a Payroll Audit Dispute worth our time?  How long do we have to dispute the premium audit results that we just received?  Should we call in NCCI to do an inspection? We have often seen where the insurance carrier tells the employer that they



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