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Workers Comp Premium Audit Records – Keep The Old Ones Handy

Workers Comp Premium Audit Records After Zoom Your company’s workers comp premium audit records may need to be at your fingertips for a few years.  Why?  Let’s look at what happened from March 2020 to now.   Hybrid Premium Audits Will Be Temporary Situation Most of our clients had received

Hybrid Premium Audit Prep – Update to Last Week’s Article

Hybrid Premium Audit Prep – Changing the Paradigm For Employers Last week, I promised that I would write or update an article to the Zoom Hybrid premium audit article.  Most of what this article covers are the same as the in-person and hybrid premium audit prep that I have covered

Zoom Hybrid Premium Audits Becoming Standard Procedure

Zoom Hybrid Premium Audits – Not Just Temporary Pandemic Fix I had thought Zoom hybrid premium audits were going to fade away once the pandemic settles down to allow in-person meetings again.   Since the beginning of the pandemic, one new type of premium audit came to the forefront. Clients contacted

Workers Comp Premium Audit Dispute Delay Can Be Very Costly

Premium Audit Dispute Delay Costs Company $500,000 – Ouch! Over the last 13 years that I have been writing articles for the J&L website, I have warned very heavily against any type of premium audit dispute delay.   Delaying a dispute of or ignoring a bill from your current or prior

Physical Premium Audits – COVID 19 Removed The Physical Part

Will Today’s Hybrid Audits Ever Return to Physical Premium Audits? First – let us define the three types of audits in this article – Short Definitions Hybrid -the records are usually reviewed offsite -technology has allowed much easier access to employer records without having a “physical presence” at the employers’

Premium Audit Report vs Bill vs Statement- Important Reader Question

Newsletter Reader Asks What Is the Difference Between a Premium Audit Statement, Premium Audit Bill, and Premium Audit Report? A premium audit report, statement, or bill all refer to the premium audit process.   Many employers think these mean the same report.   Each one is a different report on the same

Workers Comp Premium Savings Generated With Website Updates

Workers Comp Premium Savings – Keep Your Website Updated How can workers comp premiums savings come from updating your website?   One of our clients from last year had let their website sit for a few years without updating it.   What happened caused me to write this article. During a workers

Premium Audit Statement + What Other Document Shows Final Numbers?

Premium Audit Statement is One Piece of the Puzzle The Premium Audit Statement (PAS) or bill is one of the documents that will show the final numbers for any policy year.  What is the other document to match to the Premium Audit Statement to make sure the final numbers are

Work Comp Questions Top 10 Most Misunderstood Potpourri

Top 10 Work Comp Questions From Our Readers The top 10 work comp questions originate from the emails and calls we receive every month.   The answers to these are actually in this blog.    Answer them – then search for the bolded terms.   You never know, you may know the answers

Work Comp Audit Bill – We Cannot Pay It Immediately

We Are Unable to Pay Work Comp Audit Bill – Help Companies that cannot afford their Work Comp audit bill is one of the main reasons that we are contacted overall.   The work comp audit bill is usually mailed to the employer within a few days after receiving the

Workers Comp Audit – Five Great General Questions From Readers

Workers Comp Audit Question Blog Readers Ask Workers Comp audit questions are emailed or called in to us quite often.  I was unable to cover all the questions over the last few months.   A few of the questions are listed below with answers.   There are links to other

Hybrid Premium Audits Still Allowed For Larger Employers

Mail-In and Hybrid Premium Audits Possible With Technology Hybrid Premium audits are becoming more popular every year due to technological advancements.  Securely scanning and emailing documents lessened the need for in-person audits by the workers’ comp premium auditor. The two terms that seemed to raise the most questions were mail-in

January 1st Renewals, Your Premium Audit Is Approaching

Upcoming Premium Audit For January 1st Renewals The January 1st renewals for Work Comp policies have a premium audit approaching soon. We receive many inquiries this time of year on preparing for a premium audit.  There are numerous articles in this blog on premium audits, including preparation. Please note that

Premium Audit Workpapers Can Save Future Headaches

Premium Audit Workpapers Are Golden The premium audit workpapers can be one of the easiest methods to document your yearly WC  premium audit.  The workpapers are prepared by the premium auditor.  They can be either hand-written or computerized, showing how the auditor arrived at the payroll numbers that are used to

Disputed Premium Audit Bill – Does Our Company Have To Pay Any Of It?

Disputed Premium Audit Bill – How Much To Pay? One question that we receive the most often is the sufficient amount to pay when there is a disputed premium audit bill.  Premium audits and the associated bills always generate a large number of questions. The answer in the simplest terms is

Canceling Your Policy Right After Renewal Or Premium Audit Costly

Canceling Your Policy Right After Renewal Bad Choice Will canceling your policy post-renewal due to a premium audit cost your company $$$? We receive this question at least once per week.   This is an almost verbatim question from two weeks ago with editing for length. Question – “We just

Workers Compensation and Hospitality Industries Are Very Similar

WC And Hospitality Industries Are Similar – Service and Employees The WC and Hospitality Industries are very similar in quite a few respects. The idea for this article resulted from seeing the best in the hospitality industry and the worst.  We, as consultants, usually are contacted when there is a

Premium Audit Disputes and Collection Agencies Warning

Premium Audit Disputes Warning Since the first of the year, a large number of inquiries on premium audit disputes from employers with premium  audit disputes. I am not sure if insurance carriers by contract can do this – but a large number of disputed bills are being forwarded to collection

Best Premium Audit Software For Employers – You Have It

Best Premium Audit Software The best premium audit software may already be right in front of you and costs nothing to use.  We receive many calls every week where an employer is very anxious about their workers comp premium audit.  One of the main questions is how to properly prepare

Estimated Premium Audits For Non Compliance Costly Proposition

Estimated Premium Audits Not Sound Judgement By Employer Estimated Premium Audits for non compliance costs many employers dearly.  Premium audit bills and notices generate most of the calls and emails we receive on a consistent basis.  The first question that is asked usually concerns allowing the premium auditor to examine

Workers Comp Audit Dispute Question From Twitter Tweeter

Audit Dispute Question From A Twitter Follower Our Workers Comp Twitter handle received an audit dispute question from a Twitter Tweeter. Can an insurance carrier perform a mid-term audit and  then come back in for another audit after the policy expires?   That seems to take up a large amount

Payroll Audit vs. Workers Comp Policy Renewal Timing Conundrum

Payroll Audit vs. Workers Comp Policy Payroll audit vs Workers Comp policy renewal timing has been a controversial subject for many years.  We received this question last week from an employer with quite a conundrum that happens to almost all Workers Comp policyholders.  The question was: Why does the payroll

Audit Dispute No Explanation Great Way To Alienate Carrier + Agent

Audit Dispute With No Explanation Can Create Bad Vibes A premium audit dispute with no explanation of why it was disputed can wreck your Workers Comp system. We are quite often brought into a dispute that an employer has with their insurance carrier’s audit.   One caveat to disputing a

California Physical Premium Audits Increasing For Certain Classifications

California Physical Premium Audits The rules for California physical premium audits have changed recently.  The WCIRB (California’s Rating Bureau) recently released a reminder memo on the upcoming changes for 2014 Workers policies that have payroll developed under what is called a High Wage/Dual Wage Classification.    Physical audits will be required for all

Workers Comp Policy Bill Finalized With Premium Audit

Final Workers Comp Policy Bill Comes From The Premium Audit The final Workers Comp Policy bill  results directly from premium audit.  I received a question late last night on the last article I wrote on Deposit Premium.   The question – (paraphrased) was: We paid a very large deposit premium

Workers Comp Audit Materials Needed For Full Review

Workers Comp Audit Materials Needed The materials needed for Workers Comp Audit are communications, data, information and contracts. We receive this question quite often when customers or potential clients inquire about our services.   We usually do not disclose this information until a contract is signed as we use a

Payroll Audit Increased Policy Cost By 150% – Five Scenarios

Payroll Audit Increased Policy Cost Significantly Below are five scenarios why your payroll audit may have increased policy cost. I received this question earlier this week from a California .  A related question on policy premium is here. We had switched agents and carriers as our company was offered a

Premium Auditor Asked Employer To Sign Audit Agreement

Audit Agreement – Premium Auditor Asked Employer To Sign Off ??? The Audit agreement form has been a rather controversial topic.  This question was emailed in earlier this week.  We had our yearly Workers Comp premium audit last week.  The insurance company’s auditor actually worked for a premium audit company

Seven Premium Audit Resolutions For Smooth Premium Audit

Seven Premium Audit Resolutions The seven premium audit resolutions to reduce stress are below. As the premium audit season rolls around every year, I usually post quite a few articles on the subject.   The reason that this time of the year is called premium audit season is that most

Premium Audit Bill and Policy Renewal Conondrum

Changing Carriers Due To Premium Audit Bill Can Be Costly Our Workers Comp premium audit bill surprisingly increased our premium by 26%.  We do not necessarily agree with the audit and want to change insurance carriers.    Due to the timing of the audit, we are already two months into our next

Six Workers Comp Premium Saving Resolutions

 Workers Comp Premium Saving Resolutions Workers Comp Premium saving resolutions are always a great way to start the New Year.  There are six easy workers comp premium saving resolutions below.  These will work for companies of all sizes.  Six Workers Comp Resolutions for Self Insureds will be covered next time.  

Workers Comp Premium Audit Season Prep Work Required

Workers Comp Premium Audit Season Over The Next 3 Months Workers Comp premium audit season is upon us again.  Why do I designate this time of year as premium audit season? The largest number of premium audits for WC are performed from January – February of each year.  Why would

Make Sure Your Policy Payroll Matches Your Budget Forecast

Does Your Policy Payroll Match Your Budget Forecast? Your policy payroll should match up with your budget forecast.   Payroll and certain benefits – known as remuneration among the Workers Comp premium auditors – should match your budget for your next policy year.  Just copying the payroll figures from your

Premium Audits – How Far Back Can They Go Into Your Policy Years

Premium Audits May Go Back Into The Past Workers Comp premium audits can be a harrowing situation.  This can be worse when you current or prior carrier decides to re-audit your policy after they already had one shot at it.   The very short question  in the post title came

Premium Audit Workpapers – Employers Can Obtain Copy

Premium Audit Workpapers – No Harm To Ask For Them Premium audit workpapers are one of the audit items that are seldom provided to employers.  I have also seen them provided to employers with the audit results or at the time of the premium audit bill.   Along those lines, I

Premium Audit Dispute – DIY- Goes Horribly Wrong

Premium Audit Dispute – DIY A Premium Audit Dispute can go awry if a company is not careful. Last week, I received an email with an audit dispute letter and an additional premium bill from a company in West Virginia. We usually receive one or two of these a month.

Our Premium Audit Bill Just Arrived And I Have Questions About It

Our Premium Audit Bill Caused Questions Our premium audit bill just arrived. I have questions on how our final bill was calculated and how our Workers Comp policy was written. How do I know if my gut feeling is correct? I received the above question on Saturday. If you have

Workers Comp Audits Change As Your Company Grows

Company Growth = Workers Comp Audits Change As your company grows the Work Comp  audits will change.Workers compensation audits for very small companies are usually self-audit situations. Each state has a minimum level of premium that requires the insurance carrier to do an on-site audit. One of the most common

Workers Compensation Audits For Public Employers Hits High Point

Audits For Public Employers Upcoming Premium audits for public employers are about to increase dramatically. Most public employers have a renewal date of July 1. Your auditor should be contacting you, if they have not already done so recently. The highest number of policies for private employers renew on January

No XMod On Premium Audit Bill – Reader Question

Reader Question – No XMod On Premium Audit Bill A reader question came in this week concerning the lack of an XMod on the premium audit bill. Xmods or X-Mods are WCIRB’s equivalent of an E-Mod (EMod). The WCIRB is California’s equivalent of the NCCI. The full names of the acronyms

Premium Recovery For Fully Paid Policy Resolved By Premium Audit

Fully Paid Policy – Premium Recovery May Not Be Fruitful Workers Compensation premium recovery can be very complicated on a prepaid policy. Over the weekend, I received this question – Our company canceled our policy in February. We had six months left before the policy ended. We have not heard from

Five Days Notice May Be Yellow Flag For Premium Audits

Five Days Notice Until Proposed Premium Audit Date Less than five days notice cannot be enough time for a employer to prepare for a premium audit. This is a concern that we are hearing from quite a few clients, blog readers, and fellow conference attendees. Recently, premium audit notices are

Payroll and Premium Audit Urgent Question – $85,000 Audit Bill

Urgent Question – Payroll and Premium Audit I received this urgent question on payroll and premium audit at 2 AM. The sender must have been losing sleep over it. We are now with a new carrier. Our Workers Comp Payroll Auditor came into our business four months ago. She went

Premium Audits And Short Rate Penalty – continued

Premium Audits And The Short Rate Penalty In my last post, I covered the predicament some employers can be in when they want to switch insurance companies due to their premium audit sticker shock. The main consideration is the short rate penalty. The premium audit has just been completed so

Premium Audit Offer Warning To Employers – Not Before Carrier Audit

Offer Warning –  Premium Audit Before Carrier Audits Policy  A certain type of premium audit offer warning for our blog readers was required after two phone calls received on this illegal type of offer this week.  As I have discussed many types; and as you will see in the heading

Premium Audit Bill Mistake Made By Employers

The Most Common Premium Audit Bill Mistake A devastating premium audit bill mistake occurs when no payment is made by the insured.  The Workers Compensation premium audit bill is one of the most posted subjects in this blog. There are two reasons for the numerous postings. They are: We receive

Premium Audits and Bathroom Breaks – Revisited Once Again

Revisited – Premium Audits and Bathroom Breaks The question on bathroom breaks and premium audit required a revisit.  I have received a large number of responses to the questions that I posed on this post. One of the independent auditors that I have known for quite some time added a comment

Premium Audit And Bathroom Breaks For Computer Programmer

Workers Comp Premium Audit Question I received a question this week from one of our blog readers that had this WC Premium Audit question. “I have an employee that walks across a corner of our manufacturing plant to go to the bathroom. On our recent premium audit, the auditor changed the

Premium Audit Nightmare For January Policies

Premium Audit Nightmare – Change Policy Renewal Date A premium audit nightmare that can happen with January polices can easily be avoided with some planning. Almost 50% of the Workers Comp policies renew at the first of the year. One thing we see very often is our client or potential

Paying Premium Audit Bill – I May Have Been Misunderstood

Paying The Premium Audit Bill  Misunderstanding Last week, I wrote a post concerning paying the premium audit bill.  I have heard from a few of our weekly newsletter readers that the title of the newsletter article and the article itself sounded like an employer should just pay the bill. I

Premium Audits – Paying Undisputed Premiums

Paying The Undisputed Premiums Requirement The undisputed premiums after the audit should be paid to the carrier.  We have received a number of questions on how to proceed if there is a Workers Comp premium dispute on how much premiums are owed. For example, I received this question last week.  We

Premium Audits During Policy Period

Should Premium Audits Be Allowed During Policy Period? I received this question last week on premium audits. I know that an insurance carrier comes in after a Workers Comp policy expires. We just signed on with a new carrier two months ago. They now want to come in and audit

Tax Audits Due To Findings In Premium Audits – Connection?

Tax Audits from Premium Audits? Most Tax Audits make every business concerned due to the time required and possible costs.  As I had expected, the federal and state taxing authorities and Workers Compensation insurance carriers have decided to share data on premium audits.   I am not sure of the

Premium Audit Disputes and Collection Agencies Confusion

Premium Audit Disputes vs. Collection Agencies Most premium audit disputes may not be documented by a collection agency.  I received a great question on Premium Audits this week. We are disputing our premium audit for 2009 – 2010. We are receiving letters from a collection agency and the carrier. Do

Premium Audit For Large Deductible Programs

Large Deductible Programs I had been asked this question three times over the last two weeks. “We have a large deductible programs for our Workers Comp.” Can those policies be audited for overcharges?” The three main questions that I asked were: Did your company pay some type of premium to your

Hybrid Workers Comp Premium Audits – New Trend?

Hybrid Workers Comp Premium Audits Now More Popular Hybrid workers comp premium audits seem to be rising in popularity very quickly. I noticed this term popping up on websites and premium auditing company booths at conferences. Two years ago, an auditing company at a conference started explaining this new (?)

Premium Audit Bill Payment Question From Employer

The Premium Audit Bill Arrives Without Explanation We receive this premium audit bill question quite often. I wanted to reiterate what how an employer should handle the situation. The question is – Our company received a workers compensation premium audit billing from our insurance carrier. We did not receive any audit

Premium Audit Errors and Overcharges Are Not Just For Private Employers

Overcharges And Premium Audit Errors Overcharges and premium audit errors are not only for private employers. Premium audit and policy errors can affect any employer, no matter the size of the business. One of the largest premium errors I have seen was pointed out in a few articles last week.

Premium Audits For Public Employers Now Due

Public Employers Workers Comp Audits Now Due The public employers are due for a  premium audit very soon. A large number of our clients are public entities. Most of them are self insured or at least partially self insured. There are still a large number of smaller public employers that

Workers Compensation Premium Audit Bill – Your Four Choices

Four Choices For A WC Premium Audit Bill Over the years, we have received the most communications from employers when a premium audit bill has hit their desk and the payment is now due. Often, the bill has been sitting for a few weeks and the insurance carrier is now

Premium Audits And Lesser Known Standard Exception Codes

The Lesser Known Standard Exception Codes Last week, I posted on the Standard Exception classification codes namely 8742 and 8810. The concern of a few of the blog readers and our clients is there were new classification codes on their premium audits such as Telecommuters. There are some very specialized

Great Premium Audit Follow Up Question From Yesterday

 A Great Premium Audit Classification Codes Changes Question – Be Careful Here Earlier this morning,  I received a great follow up question about great premium audit class codes.  Yesterday I posted on how changing classification codes can backfire in certain instances. I received two questions since that asked – Why

Premium Audit Question From One Of Our Readers

Premium Audit Question On Class Code Changes We received a Premium Audit question on classification codes last week.   We had worked on our own with our agent and got our classification codes changed which we thought would save us Workers comp premiums. That was not the case. Our Ex-Mod

Premium Audit Bill – D-Day Is Date You Receive It

D-Day – Premium Audit Bill Deadlines Why would I post that this is premium audit D-Day? A majority of our clients renewed on 1/1/11. January 1 is still the date that a majority of companies renew their Workers Comp policies. The premium audit cycle is that an insurance company premium

Premium Audit Bills For Workers Comp – Calls and Emails Daily

WC Premium Audit Bills Always Generate Calls and Emails The workers comp premium audit bills cause us to receive calls and emails on a daily basis. We are always glad to hear from former and potential clients for our Workers Comp services. The most popular post and the #1 subject

Hybrid Premium Audits Good Bad Points With Technology Assistance

Hybrid Premium Audits May Become Future of Audits (Almost) Most Hybrid Premium Audits on a Workers Comp policy are when the insurance company auditor asks for the material required to perform the audit without visiting the client’s business. As the Internet has made the flow of information much easier, hybrid

Expense Constant Charge On All Workers Comp Policies?

Term of the Day- Expense Constant Charge The Expense Constant charge is a fee charged on every Workers Compensation policy, regardless of the policy size. It is a fixed, flat expense charge that is applied in addition to the premium developed for that policy, usually ranging between $100-$300. This arbitrary

Do We Have To Pay Premium Audit Bill Now – Not Exactly

Do We Need To Pay The Premium Audit Bill Immediately? All employers have concerns on whey they should need to pay premium audit bills as soon as they receive them from their insurance carrier. As I have mentioned often, employers call or email us with this question more than any

Audit Workpapers – Are They Important To Employers?

Audit Workpapers Are Important To Employers In All Cases The Audit Workpapers are important to your Workers Comp premium reduction program.   Worksheets prepared by the Workers Comp premium auditor, can be either hand-written or computerized, showing how the auditor arrived at the payroll numbers that are used to determine the

Workers Comp Premium Audit Bill Payments – Correction

Workers Comp Premium Audit Bill Payments I need to make a correction on workers’ comp premium audit bill payments. I do not go back and change any of my prior posts. I decided to add in a post to lessen any confusion on my last post. One of my colleagues has

Workers Comp Carriers Cancel Policies For Late Payment of Premiums

For Late Payment Workers Comp Carriers Cancel Policies According to the Workers Comp it can carriers cancel policies for late payment of premium.We recently received a great question about Workers Compensation carriers cancelling policies for late payment of premiums that resulted from a premium audit. Yes, a Workers Comp insurance

Premium Audit Bill – Call To Action – Five Things To Do

Premium Audit Bill – Five Things To Do The five things that you should do with a premium audit bill.  I am going to let everyone in on a little secret. Where does most of our employer premium audit business come from overall? We very often receive emails and phone

Premium Audits – 10 Things To NOT Do During Them

10 Things To NOT Do Concerning Premium Audits With premium audits, there are 10 things we recommended not doing at all.   As most Workers Compensation policies renew on January 1st of each year, I thought I would post on what NOT to do from the time that the premium

Workers Comp Premiums And Buying Business – Avoid Sticker Shock

Buying Out A Business And Workers Comp Premiums A  business owner may experience a Workers Comp Premiums shock when buying out a  new business. We have received a few calls on this situation in the last few months. A company or individual decides to buy another company. The deal is cut.

Changes of company ownership – Workers Compensation Specific Rules

Workers Compensation Changes Of Company Ownership The E-Mod liabilities change for Workers Compensation during changes of company ownership. I received a question last week concerning company ownership liabilities when a company is acquired by another company or individual. There are actually very long and somewhat complicated rules on Experience Modification

Waived Premium Audit May Not Be Great Sign For Employer

Waived Premium Audit May Not Be A Good Idea The Waived Premium Audit allows an insurance to not perform a yearly audit. I have come across situations lately where the insurance carrier has decided to waive a Workers Comp premium audit and not even attempt to audit the payroll and

Premium Audits – Paying Manufacturing Rates For Office Employee

Can Premium Audits  = Manufacturing Rate For An Office Employee? When can premium audits generate manufacturing rates?   Two weeks ago, I posted on how two computer programmers could be rated as manufacturing employees at the year-end premium audit. Unfortunately, I did not complete the next posting on the subject.

Understanding Premium Or Payroll Audit Process Myths vs Truths

Premium Or Payroll Audit Process The premium or payroll audit process contains many Myths and Truths. I was going back through some of the posts over the last few weeks. In The Six Keys To Saving On Workers Compensation post, I said I would cover #5 – Understanding Your Premium

Workers Comp Program Caution – Easy Under Radar Way To Harm It

Workers Comp Program Can Be Harmed In Different Ways How can you harm your Workers Comp program? Most employers have concerns that decisions about what to pay and when to pay can actually harm their business. When Workers Compensation insurance policies are examined for employers, there is one area where

US Appeals Court Rules On Premium Dispute

US Appeals Court Sides With Employer On Premium Audit Dispute An employer disputed the premium audit properly was the US appeals court ruling from last week. I was reading an article earlier this week in The Workers Comp Forum concerning an employer in South Carolina that disputed their Workers Comp

How Would Company Dispute Workers Compensation Premium Statement

WC Premium Statement and Bill Did your company dispute your WC premium statement and bill?  If your company feels the insurance carrier has not billed you correctly – especially at the time of premium audit, then by all means do not wait to send in a premium dispute letter.  Your

Two Employers Are Having 23 Years of Workers Comp Premium Audits

Workers Comp Insurance Carrier – Two Employers = 23 years of premium audits Two employers are suffering through 23 years of Workers Comp premium audits. These are sad but true cases of where two Workers Comp Insurance carriers are trying to audit their clients a total of 23 years in

Workers Comp Audit Workpapers – What Are They?

Workers Comp Audit Workpapers =Premium Auditors Paper Trail The Workers Comp Audit Workpapers are the auditor’s complete calculations that were created during the audit.  They are very important to understand what calculations, payroll, and other information were used to produce the final calculations on the policy. If you receive an

Premium Auditor – What Information Can They Examine At Audit?

Workers Comp Premium Auditor Can Look At All Records  We often receive this question in a phone call from an employer who has just been through a Workers Comp audit.  The employer is usually frustrated that the insurance company’s premium auditor has asked for so much information. According to your

Insurance Carriers Becoming Very Assertive Workers Comp Audits

Workers Comp Insurance Carriers  and Premium Audits One of the major trends that we are seeing right now is that quite a few of the Workers Comp insurance carriers are becoming much more assertive on their Workers Comp audits.  In this economy,  one cannot blame the insurance carriers for trying to

Workers Compensation Premium Audits – Its That Time Of Year

Almost The Time Of Year for Workers Compensation Audits Its that Workers Compensation Premium Audits Time of the year – almost. With the largest number of employers renewing on January 1, the number of audits increase dramatically in January and February.  If your Workers Comp policy renewed on 1/1, you

Payroll Audit Notice Received In The Mail – What Do We Do Now?

Workers Comp Payroll Audit Notice Very Important My company has received a Payroll Audit notice.  This is one of the most popular questions that we receive about the Workers Compensation premium process. A workers comp payroll auditor contacting a company can make for a stressful situation. From what I have

Insurance Company Auditor Workers Comp Financial Record Access

Workers Comp Insurance Company Auditor Financial Records Access Should an insurance company auditor access my financial records?  This was a question from one of our blog readers. We have seen this situation a few times when we audit workers comp reserves or premiums for employers. It is never a good

Premium Audit Bills – Insured Cannot Afford Unexpected Increase

Workers Comp Question About Premium Audit Bills An article reader recently emailed a question on the premium audit bills. When we were named “One of the Top 25 Blogs on Workers Compensation” last week, our blog has increased in popularity dramatically. The #1 Question that we have received from our

Audit Bill Handling and Response – Question From Blog Reader

Workers Comp Audit Bill  – Readers Question The Blog readers question about handling a WC \audit bill. We received a huge bill from our Workers Compensation Yearly Payroll Audit. We cannot afford to pay it. What do we do? We do not want to lose our Workers Comp coverage. I

Readers Question on What To Do With Premium Audit Bill

What To Do (Not) – WC Audit Bill Workers Comp – what not to do with the premium audit bill. I received my Workers’ Comp payroll audit results. The auditor says that I owe $67,587 more than I originally paid for my policy. We are a small company and that

Loss Control By Workers Comp Insurance Carriers

Insurance Carrier Loss Control – Another Premium Audit? Loss Control efforts by insurance carriers sound like such a good idea. We have had two clients recently (one in California and one in Kansas) where the insurance carrier sent out what was really another auditor that was called loss control. According

Disturbing Trend From Workers Comp Insurance Carriers

Insurance Carriers Disturbing Trend We have noticed a very disturbing trend from Workers Comp insurance carriers. Often, after accepting a new policyholder, the insurance carrier will send out what is considered to be a Loss Control Consultant. Often, we have seen the Loss Control Consultant actually fill out Work Comp

Is A Payroll Audit Dispute Worth Your Company’s Time And Effort?

Payroll Audit Dispute And NCCI Is a Payroll Audit Dispute worth our time?  How long do we have to dispute the premium audit results that we just received?  Should we call in NCCI to do an inspection? We have often seen where the insurance carrier tells the employer that they

Workers Comp Audit Bills – Your Company’s Call To Action

Workers Comp Audit Bills – Do Not Just File Them Away The Workers Comp audit bills from your insurance carrier require some type of action.  The insurance carrier’s Workers Comp payroll auditor has been in for an audit. A few days later you receive a bill. What are your options?

Workers Comp Questions and Comments From Our Readers

Workers Comp Questions and Comments From Our Readers The Workers Comp questions and comments vary greatly. We received this question recently: A consultant came into our offices and sold us on doing Workers Compensation premium reviews. The services looked similar to what you offer to employers. The consultant said that

Premium and Reserve Reviews Are Very Different Tasks

Work Comp Premium and Reserve Review Differences The difference between Workers Compensation premium and reserve reviews comes up often during one of our presentations or in speaking with current or potential clients. To keep from boring you to tears, we will cover Premium Reviews today and Reserve Reviews next time.

Auditing Workers Compensation Policies – Main Errors Discovered

Main Errors – Auditing Workers Compensation Policies Auditing workers compensation policies involves many steps. We have examined a large number of Workers Compensation policies in our existence. We find errors auditing at least 50% of the time. The most common errors that we have seen are (in order from most



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