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Reviewing Your Workers Comp Policy At Renewal – Is It Really Worth It?

What To Do With Your WC Policy At Renewal Reviewing your WC policy at renewal is critical. One area I see that employers (public or private) could possibly improve their Workers Compensation strategy is when your agent provides your policy before renewal. There are many methods you can use at

Is It Really Crunch Time For Your Workers Comp Policy?

Workers Comp Policy Renewals on January 1st – Crunch Time? I often hear that this is the crunch time for all agents, as there are so many policies renewing on January 1st of every year. That may be true – but is it crunch time for you as the employer?

Workers Comp Policy Renewal Is Almost Here, What To Do Now?

Your Workers Comp Policy Renewal Dates vs.  E-Mod If your Workers Comp policy renewal date occurs on 1/1/09, what can you do about your Workers Comp E-Mod? That answer is nothing at all. I have found that quite a few insurance carriers will do claim reviews in the months of



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