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Physical Therapy

Workers Comp Physical Therapists As Initial Primary Providers Good Idea

Physical Therapists =Primary Workers Comp Initial Medical Treatment Provider? Workers Comp physical therapists have received a huge amount of good press over the last two months.   I had always thought that physical therapists could treat certain injuries from the onset. I have always been a proponent of physical therapy.  Check

Physical Therapy Study – Great Workers Comp Loss Control

Physical Therapy Study – Early Use Means Lower Costs – WCRI A recent physical therapy study proves what we have been saying for over 30+ years. Two of the most-read read articles on this website consist of articles on therapy in general.   I did not think about why they were

Physical Therapists – Seen Most Often By Injured Workers

Physical Therapists – The Medical Provider Seen Most Often Physical therapists see injured workers more than any other medical provider. This was a question that a client emailed to me earlier in the week. What medical provider does the injured worker see more in a WC claim? The answer was

What Is A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)?

Functional Capacity Evaluation – Series Of Physical Tests FCE or Functional Capacity Evaluation in Workers Comp is a series of tests administered to a claimant by a physical therapist or other health care professional. FCEs can be beneficial in determining an injured worker’s restrictions and capabilities. FCE evaluators can review

Is Physical Therapy Really Worth It?

Physical Therapy From A Very Personal Viewpoint Is Physical Therapy really worth the cost and time?  I recently was asked this question by a Workers Compensation adjuster trainee. My response came from more personal than professional experience. In 1996, I was walking across a carpeted floor without shoes carrying two



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