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New Mexico Marijuana – Five Joints Per Day Covered By Work Comp

New Mexico Marijuana Recent New Mexico marijuana laws  have enabled injured workers in the state to consume five joints per day – at a maximum. The state of New Mexico has always been very active in their allowance of medical marijuana for workers compensation injuries. The most recent New Mexico

Medical Marijuana Basis For Discrimination Lawsuit

Medical Marijuana Basis For Lawsuit Medical Marijuana is now a  basis for a discrimination lawsuit.  New Mexico issued a very bad ruling last year that required an employer in the state to pay for a claimant’s marijuana prescription.  This broke through an important barrier where marijuana is accepted as a prescription

Top 10 Challenge Areas – Expanded Part I

Top 10 Challenge Areas – The First Five The article on the Top 10 Challenges for Workers Compensation received a large amount of inter-buzz. Two readers suggested an expansion (better explanation) of my list.   I will split the Top 10 into two articles. The first five of  My Top

New Mexico Shocker – Rocky Mountain High – Dangerous Barrier Broken

Rocky Mountain High – In New Mexico A New Mexico Court of Appeals has recently ruled that an injured employee’s Workers Compensation carrier must pay for his marijuana prescription.  The ruling even noted the federal laws for medical marijuana would prohibit the use. According to the Santa-Fe New Mexican, The New Mexico

Job Alcohol v. Marijuana Debate – A Great Article Readers Question

On The Job Alcohol v. Marijuana Debate The Job Alcohol v. Marijuana debate usually ends up with an interesting discussion.   The job alcohol v.  marijuana debate pits the right to privacy against the right to a safe workplace. A very interesting question popped up on the LinkedIn Work Comp Analysis

Proximate Cause – Does A Bear Smoke Pot In The Woods?

Drugs vs. Proximate Cause The proximate cause of an accident may not always be that obvious in a WC claim. One area that Workers Comp insurance companies and self insureds spend a large amount of money to deny and defend claims is when an injured employee is deemed to have



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