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Permanent Partial

What Is A Workers Compensation Permanency Rating?

Question From One Of Our Devout Readers on Workers Compensation Permanency Rating A Workers Compensation Permanency rating can also be called a PPD Rating or Permanent Partial Disability Rating. Each state is very distinct on how they handle permanency ratings.     PPD ratings by physicians differ in some states.  For

Shocking Discovery – Workers Compensation Insurance Began 2050 BC

Ancient Sumeria Invented Workers Compensation Insurance The origins of Workers Compensation Insurance is much more ancient than in the early 1900’s.  I had always thought the beginnings of the WC system involved merchant ships or started in Wisconsin. This article from the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development  (DWD)

How Does Impairment Rating (IR) Affect Workers Comp Claim?

Impairment Rating Measures Permanent Reduced Abilities An Impairment Rating (IR), which is also called a physical impairment rating, is a medical assessment of a claimant’s injury represented by a percentage value. A physician may assign an IR to the body as a whole or to a specific body part. The

Disfigurement Benefits – How Are They Calculated?

Term of the Day – Disfigurement Benefits Most disfigurement benefits are for those who have suffered a work-related injury to the head or neck, resulting in a permanent loss of specific bodily functions, scarring and/or disfigurement. The scars must be located on the face or neck. This can result from



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