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PEO Data Session – NCCI Data Conference Earlier This Month

PEO Data Session – Great Info from NCCI Data Conference The PEO Data class from the NCCI Data Conference provided a treasure trove of great info nuggets.   The Data Reporting Conference remains of the best sources of great info on workers compensation.   Check it out here.  The session of PEO

PEOs Are Quickly Gaining Respect and Saving Certain Employers $$$

PEOs Are Quickly Gaining Ground and Respect Professional Employment Organizations (PEOs) have long been haphazardly discredited as voodoo Workers Comp insurance.   There were a few unscrupulous PEO companies that made the headlines each time there was a failure.  Actually, there were just as many insurance company failures when examined

NCCI Says PEO’s Questionable Reputation Not Deserved

NCCI Says PEO’s Questionable NCCI says PEO’s questionable reputation. PEO’s (Professional Employer Organizations) have long received somewhat of a bad rap from many different sources.  However, we have found them to be extremely helpful in aiding our clients in finding Workers Comp coverage in a difficult insurance market. PEO’s have

Do The Great Premium Deals Really Save Money?

The Great Premium Deals May Not Be Deals After All Do the great workers comp premium  deals really save money? With prices rising (at least for the short-term) in California and other states, the “we can save you a ton of dough on premiums” vendors  are now appearing again on

Split Points – Largest Workers Comp Concern Presently

Largest Workers Comp Concern Today Seen As Split Points The Split Points became the Largest Workers Comp concern presently.   I am presenting at the North Carolina Mid State Safety Council conference tomorrow.  A few weeks ago I was contemplating what would be the largest concern for safety, human resource,

PEOs for Workers Comp – Are They Worth It? Answer – Most of The Time

PEOs Are Great For Workers Comp But Not Every Time Workers Comp PEOs (Professional Employment Organizations) have gained a great amount of attention lately. Are they a viable source of Workers Comp coverage for your business? The unregulated PEO’s of the past caused all state insurance departments to initiate more

Where Do I Find Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

Professional Employer Organization-Workers Comp Term A Professional Employer Organization is an organization that, by signed contract, assumes all of the human resources duties of the contracting employer, effectively becoming the employer of record. A PEO provides and pays for all payroll and related taxes, insurances, safety and risk management programs.

What is a PEO – Will They Save My Company Workers Comp Premiums?

PEO Saved My Company WC Premiums Do PEO s save companies Workers Comp premiums ? The definition of a PEO is:  A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is defined as an organization that provides an integrated and cost effective approach to the management and administration of the human resources and employer

Professional Employer Organizations PEOs Money Saving Option

Questions on Professional Employer Organizations A new “old trend” in Workers Compensation. Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s) is another area we are questioned on when we talk or consult with employers. The main question we receive on them is about the recent investigations and convictions of some of the larger PEO’s



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