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Per Diems – Vexing Part of Average Weekly Wage – One Easy Fix

The Vexing Part of Workers Comp -Average Weekly Wages – Per Diems – Easy Fix I was reading an article written by John Kamin, Attorney on his blog concerning per diems.  Even though the article and case were on California claims, two of the article’s conclusions rang very true –

Workers Comp Wages – How Much Is A Rhode Island Red Worth?

My Strangest Workers Comp Wages Incident – Pricing Chickens Being able to write a story that covers workers comp premium audit and claims adjusting has the making of a rare event. Workers comp premium auditors call it remuneration while a workers comp adjuster calls the term wages.  Workers Comp Wages

Workers Comp Payroll Figures Affect More Than Just The Premium Audit

Workers Comp Payroll Records Hang Around For Four Years+ A company’s workers comp payroll records are vital to the premium audit process.   Assessing a company’s payroll records is one of the auditor’s main job functions. So your premium auditor has combed through your company books .  The auditor has generated

Workers Comp Audit Dispute Question From Twitter Tweeter

Audit Dispute Question From A Twitter Follower Our Workers Comp Twitter handle received an audit dispute question from a Twitter Tweeter. Can an insurance carrier perform a mid-term audit and  then come back in for another audit after the policy expires?   That seems to take up a large amount

Make Sure Your Policy Payroll Matches Your Budget Forecast

Does Your Policy Payroll Match Your Budget Forecast? Your policy payroll should match up with your budget forecast.   Payroll and certain benefits – known as remuneration among the Workers Comp premium auditors – should match your budget for your next policy year.  Just copying the payroll figures from your

Is Remuneration Definition Same As Payroll?

Term Of The Day – Remuneration This is an archaic word at best. It is still used in Workers Comp vernacular as opposed to payroll, etc. Please note that this is a generic list and may not apply to all jurisdictions. Remuneration is not another Workers Comp term for payroll.

Workers Comp Budget Killed By Incorrect Payroll Forecasts

Payroll Forecasts vs.Workers Comp Budget Your payroll forecasts can affect your Workers Comp budget . One of the main components of your Experience Modification Factor (E-Mod/X-Mod) is your company’s payroll. One of the disturbing trends that we are seeing is that the payrolls from the last year are used to

Interchange Of Labor Rule – Employee’s Payroll Divided

Interchange Of Labor Rule For Workers Comp Payroll With the Interchange of Labor Rule – Can Employee’s Job Duties Be Divided on Workers Comp Payroll Reports? A Question From One Of Our Readers On The Last Post – Are we able to split a job into different duties and keep



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