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Oklahoma Opt-Out Insurance – OK Supreme Court Says See Ya!!!

Oklahoma Opt-Out Insurance Takes Major Hit The fans of Oklahoma Opt-Out Insurance were dealt a five fingered death punch. The Oklahoma Supreme Court just wiped out any semblance of Oklahoma Opt-Out Insurance by ruling it as unconstitutional. The Oklahoma Workers Comp Commission had already said NO to the opt out

South Carolina Opt Out May Become Reality

South Carolina Opt Out Coming Soon (Maybe) The South Carolina Opt Out decision may be a reality soon.   The South Carolina State House introduced a bill that may actually allow South Carolina companies to Opt Out of Workers Compensation.    South Carolina would join Texas, Oklahoma, and possibly Tennessee

Oklahoma Opt Out Option – Two For Two In Court

Oklahoma Opt Out Option Wins Two Legal Battles The Oklahoma opt out option scored another large victory with the refusal of the state’s Supreme Court to review a recent decision rendered by the Appeals Court.   I track Oklahoma’s WC news closely as that is where I grew up and

Will Texas Opt Out Of Its Opt Out Program By Joining NCCI

By Joining NCCI Texas Opt Out Could Fade Did Texas opt out of Its non-subscriber system?  Texas has decided to join the Experience Rating System supplied by NCCI.   According to a fellow WC blogger, Texas may also look to remove the opt-out provisions in the law for the construction industry.

Opt Out Benefit Surprise For Oklahoma and Texas From ACA

Opt Out Benefit Suprise – May Be Subject to ACA The Texas and Oklahoma systems get an Opt Out benefit surprise. Oklahoma and Texas will be the two states with opt out provision in their Workers Comp Laws.   One of the areas of concern with the upcoming passage of

Opt-Out or Non-Subscriber Programs – New Report By Rousmaniere

Opt-Out or Non-Subscriber Report Just Published A new report was recently released on opt-out or non-subscriber services for Workers Compensation.  The report can be found here.  The report should be given a thumbs up by all that read it.  Please note the report is a very large PDF that will

State of Texas Workers Comp Report Shows Progress and Savings

Texas Workers Comp Report Looks Very Positive A state of Texas Workers Comp report shows progress and savings.  Texas and California always seem to be microcosms of what is occurring in Workers Compensation nationwide.  Last week, I came across the “Biennial Report of the Texas Department of Insurance To the 83rd Legislature.” You may want to

Could Opt Out Programs End Workers Comp As We Know It?

Non-Subscriber or Opt Out Programs – Work Comp Doom? The Non-Subscriber or Opt out programs could end Workers Comp?   This year’s LRP Workers Comp Conference in Las Vegas was very informative.  I was searching out any new technologies, services, or products in the Workers Comp arena. The vendor area

Oklahoma Does Not Want To Be Texas After All

Oklahoma And Texas Opt-Out Oklahoma appeared on the Workers Compensation radar screen over the last few weeks. Texas has the opt-out or non-subscriber choice in Workers Comp. I had consulted with a few Texas clients that were using the opt-out services. I had previously written an article on the Oklahoma

Oklahoma Creates Opt Out System For Workers Comp

Oklahoma Creates Opt Out System The new buzz on the Workers Comp blogs is Oklahoma’s decision to pass Opt Outlaws that will create a system similar to Texas. I am wondering if the process was thought through enough before implementation. One of the better older articles on Opt-Outs is this



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