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Online Claims Access

Workers Compensation Online Access Nets Insured $85,000 Subrogation

Workers Compensation Online Access – Subrogation Claim Discovered Having Workers’ Compensation online access creates $85,000 subrogation claims missed earlier by the insured.  How did this occur? I review claims for many companies as part of J&L’s services.   Recently, a new agency account asked me to review their claims and make

Workers Comp Claim Action Plan- Online Access Answers 100+ Questions

Workers Comp Claim Action Plan – Online Access Answers 90% of Questions Most Workers Comp Claim Action Plans cause the adjusters to have to do a ton of work.   Long ago, when I was a full-time adjuster, I looked forward to closing out a file so that I did not

Workers Comp Loss Run – How Often Should We Receive It?

Workers Comp Loss Run Question From Texas A Workers Comp Loss Run contains all the information on your claims. The title of this article is a question that I received a week ago. It is one of the top twenty questions that we receive on Workers Comp. I recommend at

Workers Compensation Loss Runs Are Best Online

Workers Compensation Loss Runs  – Online Access Is Best Workers Compensation loss runs online claims access insures your company will have the easiest way to retrieve your Workers Compensation claims information. I have posted very often on Workers Compensation claims loss runs.  Why? Whether your company has a regular Workers

Monitor Your Claims Easily and Lower Your Workers Comp Premiums

Monitor Your Claims Access Online – Worth Every Extra Penny How is the best way to monitor your claims and Workers Comp premiums?  Accessing them online gives you 24/7/365 control. If you have online access to your Work Comp claims notes, reserve history, background, etc, then you are in possession



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