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North Carolina Industrial Commission

North Carolina Industrial Commission Invalidates Basic Adjusting

North Carolina Industrial Commission Returns Form 24’s To Adjusters Is The North Carolina Industrial Commission taking the first step in making policy determination a legal matter in the Tarheel State? Recently, I came across a few articles on how filing a Form 24 seems to be similar to practicing law.

North Carolina Supreme Court Decision 4 Work Comp Claims All States

North Carolina Supreme Court Ruling On Medical Treatment Denial After Initial Acceptance The North Carolina Supreme Court has ruled on denying a medical condition after the claim was accepted.   The link to the decision can be found at the end of this article.  The file is in PDF format.

North Carolina State Auditor Says 52,000 Uninsured For Workers Comp

North Carolina State Auditor Audits Industrial Commission  Beth Woods, CPA the present North Carolina State Auditor issued a rather stinging report on the Industrial Commission’s lack of oversight in the area of uninsureds. Please note this is not counting the micro-companies that have less than 4 employees.  The report pointed

State Workers Comp Administrators – Where Is The Best List?

State Workers Comp Administrators – Best List To Use This question on state Workers Comp administrators was emailed to us last week.  One of my default lists that I keep bookmarked is the North Carolina Industrial Commission‘s list. The Industrial Commission’s website administrator Robert McDowell does a great job of

North Carolina Industrial Commission Employer Search Returns

North Carolina Industrial Commission Coverage Search Open Again The North Carolina Industrial Commission has returned to allowing web searches for employers’ Workers Compensation coverage.    The website was removed after some very not-so-intelligent legislation that barred anyone from viewing this info. The ill-timed legislation was enacted following the discovery by

Staci Meyer Named New Chairwoman of NC Industrial Commission

Staci Meyer Named New Industrial Commission Chairwoman Governor Pat McCrory very recently appointed Staci Meyer as Chairwoman of the NC Industrial Commission.  She replaces Pamela T Young, who resigned in January of this year.    A short bio on Chairwoman Meyer:  She earned an undergraduate degree at Clemson University in

North Carolina State Auditor Expected Results @ NCIC

North Carolina State Auditor Finds Expected Errors At Industrial Commission Workers Compensation uninsureds in North Carolina have been a hot button topic for many months since a newspaper reporter found 30,000 employers without coverage for their employees.   A recent audit was released by the NC State Auditor’s department on

North Carolina Industrial Commission Rule Changes

North Carolina Industrial Commission Rule Changes The North Carolina Industrial Commission is performing a major “tweaking” to the current rules. The Commission had a public hearing on the new rules. This is a transcript of the public hearing. The August 6th public hearing transcript may take a few minutes to

North Carolina Industrial Commission To Hold Public Hearing

North Carolina Industrial Commission Holds Upcoming Public Hearing The North Carolina Industrial Commission will hold a public hearing on on all the upcoming recommended changes.  Workers Compensation rules changes are coming to North Carolina in a big way. If you follow the link in the last paragraph, you can see

I Take It All Back on NC Industrial Commission

NC Industrial Commission Gives Extensions To Deadbeat Employers The NC Industrial Commission caused me to take back my kudos.   We have been in the business of cutting Workers Comp costs for employers and governmental organizations since 1996. However, we have not and will not aid any employers in illegal

North Carolina Industrial Commission Prosecutes 70 Employers

North Carolina Industrial Commission Prosecutes 70 Employers The NC Industrial Commission starts with prosecuting just 70 employers out of thousands.   Governor Bev Perdue had issued an edict that all 30,000 North Carolina employers uninsured for Workers Compensation should be investigated immediately. The Industrial Commission’s response was to start prosecuting

North Carolina Workers Compensation Medical Fee Disputes

WC Medical Fee Disputes The procedure for Workers Comp medical provider fee disputes has changed.  You can find the link here or the new rules are published below.   You will need a PDF reader to view the document.  You can also print this blog post.  I tried to make the

Workers Compensation Information For All 50 States – Quick Tip

Quick Tip For Workers Compensation Information Workers Compensation information sources are so plentiful that you may have information overload.  Fortunately, there is one website that can function as an index of sorts. One of the best websites that I have seen for Workers Compensation information is a very quiet provider

Workers Compensation Bulletin – A Great Free Guide

North Carolina Workers Compensation Bulletin – Great Publication The great free guide for Workers Compensation bulletin is now available.   I have received a few emails recently and have seen posts on LinkedIn about what information should be shared with employees on the Workers Comp system. The following is a



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