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Top 10 Workers Comp Concepts Learned At NCCI AIS 2022

Top 10 Workers Comp Concepts – NCCI AIS 2022 Last week, I covered the NCCI Annual Issues Symposium – more of a comprehensive view.  Cristine Pike was kind enough to invite me to the conference.  I decided to cover the Top 10 Workers Comp Concepts that I learned from press

NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 – Day 2 – Sessions

The NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 – Day 2 – a huge amount of data and ideas. The second day of the NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 started with Dr. Bob Harwig, University of South Carolina. Dr. Hartwig covers the most data in the shortest amount of time. Dr. Bob

NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 – Day 1 Sessions

NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 – The First Day of Great Info The NCCI Annual Issues Symposium 2022 kicked off with me missing some of the morning sessions due to a medical issue.   Cristine Pike, Communications Director – NCCI, was kind enough to keep me up to date on the

2022 NCCI AIS May 9th – May 11th – See You There! (Updated Today)

2022 NCCI AIS (Annual Issues Symposium) – Going? Update On the 2022 NCCI AIS I published this article last weekend.   I then found out today that the 2022 NCCI AIS is sold out.  NCCI will likely publish quite a bit of the conference online due to coronavirus concerns.   You can

NCCI Atlas Initiative Looks To Make Info More User Friendly

NCCI Atlas Initiative – Making Searches Work For Users I just finished watching the NCCI Atlas Initiative webinar that was part of their Data Education program.   I found it interesting that NCCI is now doing something about the same concerns that users have had for many years. My biggest gripe

NCCI Catastrophe Code 12 – Use or Lose It Class Code (Of Sorts)

Not All Claims Should Have NCCI Catastrophe Code 12 – But Some Should The COVID 19 Code Will Save You Premiums I was reviewing how NCCI was handling the catastrophe code that COVID 19 claims would be coded under to not have the claims count against an employer’s Mod.  <<<extremely

NCCI Arizona State Advisory Forum Shows 27.9% Rate Change Disparity

NCCI Arizona State Advisory Forum Shows 27.9% Rate Disparity The NCCI Arizona State Advisory Forum is worth the time to view or read.  Get the Advisory Info here.  Usually, when I mention a certain state in articles and presentations, someone will say – “we do not have interests in that

NCCI Pandemic Analysis Verifies Insurance Crisis That Never Occurred

2021 State of The Line – NCCI Pandemic Analysis – Incredibly Fast Recovery The NCCI pandemic analysis was quite a change of pace from the dire 2020 predictions for the Worker’s Comp markets.  I decided to attend the 2021 NCCI Virtual State of The Line – both days. The presentations

NCCI State Advisory Meetings Worth Your Time? – Most Definitely

NCCI State Advisory Meetings – Golden Nuggets of Info Treasure Chest The NCCI State Advisory Meetings also called Forums still provide a huge amount of information for agents, employers, underwriters, adjusters, and other data wonks.   I have recommended this area of NCCI for at least 15 years. NCCI is the

How Do We Account for Coronavirus Furloughed Employees – NCCI

Account for Coronavirus Furloughed Employees – NCCI Adds Basic Manual Rules The Question – How do we account for Coronavirus Furloughed Employees has become the most popular question that we now receive from blog and newsletter readers. This is not a replacement for Class Code 8871 – Telecommuting Clerical Employees. 

NCCI Virtual Annual Issues Symposium Free – May 12th – Sign Up Now

NCCI Virtual Annual Issues Symposium With Powerful Free Webinar – Sign Up – It’s Freebies! The NCCI Virtual Annual Issues Symposium replaces the annual in-person symposium.  The great news – NCCI will not be charging a fee for one of the top  Worker’s Comp Symposiums. Dr. Rober Hartwig will present

NCCI COVID-19 Article And Claims Compensability Debate

NCCI COVID-19 Article Addresses Compensability (Sort of) A recent NCCI COVID-19 Article (Coronavirus) caught my eye.  I have not seen a rating bureau analyze compensability whatsoever.  Why? NCCI is the acronym for the National Council on Compensation Insurance.   They are the rating bureau for approximately 35 states. NCCI has always

NCCI 2020 Data Reporting Conference – Nuggets of Excellent Information

NCCI 2020 Data Reporting Conference West Palm Beach Worth The Time and Travel Spent The NCCI 2020 Data Reporting Conference ran from January 28th through today, January 31st at the Palm Beach Convention Center, West Palm Beach, Florida. The weather was superb. The only bad weather was late at night

Free NCCI State Advisory Forums – Are They Worth Your Time?

Free NCCI State Advisory Forums Provide Great Workers’ Comp State Statistics The Free NCCI State Advisory Forums have provided great state and national data for years.   Some of the Forums provide an Open House to see all of NCCI’s products.   See below for the upcoming schedule. NCCI stands for National

PEO Data Session – NCCI Data Conference Earlier This Month

PEO Data Session – Great Info from NCCI Data Conference The PEO Data class from the NCCI Data Conference provided a treasure trove of great info nuggets.   The Data Reporting Conference remains of the best sources of great info on workers compensation.   Check it out here.  The session of PEO

NCCI Virginia Advisory Forum 2018 – Shocking Nationwide Statistics

Shocking Results at NCCI Virginia Advisory Forum – All Good The NCCI Virginia Advisory Forum showed a strong Workers Comp market.   The strong market is not surprising.   The strength of the nationwide market was astounding. I attended the NCCI Virginia Advisory Forum in Richmond yesterday.  North Carolina has it own

2018 NCCI Data Conference Top 10 Discoveries By Yours Truly

2018 NCCI Data Conference – My Fourth Year The 2018 NCCI Data Conference – The Path To Data Excellence – provided a large amount of material to review as it had for the last three years. The Top 10 things I learned this year were: Data reporting is a difficult

NCCI Workers Comp Medical Cost Discovery – PHC Best Measurement

New NCCI Workers Comp Medical Cost Discovery – One To Definitely Download and Read A new NCCI Workers Comp medical cost discovery was met with a suspicious eye by me.   Then again, the study, summary, and whitepaper came from the venerable organization.   NCCI (National Compensation Council Inc) is headquartered in

Workers Comp Statistic Combined Ratio Best In 50 Years – NCCI

NCCI Workers Comp Statistic Combined Ratio Smoking One workers comp statistic stood out the August 3rd NCCI Virginia State Advisory Forum.  Actually, it exceeded even my positive outlook for the Workers Compensation market health. The Combined Ratio performed even better than last year in the overall market.    Last year

Workers Comp Medical Networks Keeping Costs in Check NCCI

Workers Comp Medical Networks = Cost Saving According to NCCI’s Barry Lipton Workers Comp medical networks reduce costs in most instances.  At NCCI’s  2017 Annual Issues Symposium, Barry Lipton, Senior Actuary covered a very interesting topic – Medical Costs Then and Now <<slides available at this link. I do recommend

North Carolina Rate Bureau NCCI Part Ways Last Month

The North Carolina Rate Bureau Has No Records At NCCI Now The North Carolina Rate Bureau changed their relationship with NCCI.  I received a call in the early part of March from NCCI.  NCCI said they owed me a refund.  I asked why?  NCCI informed me that nothing can now

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis – With Political Twist

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis Interesting Conclusion The recent NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis synthesized a very interesting conclusion.   The National Council on Compensation Insurance is based in Boca Raton, FL.  At first glance, along with this article, the NCCI estimated that removal of the Affordable Care Act would likely

NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis – Interesting Study

Venerable NCCI Affordable Care Act Analysis The  NCCI Affordable Care Act  (ACA) study was taken from their  Workers Comp Update 2016 Fall Edition (page 54 of PDF).  Please note that this is a large file.   If you are working in the Work Comp industry, it may be worth your

NCCI Says Workers Comp Combined Ratio 94% – Shocker

NCCI Says Workers Comp Combined Ratio 94% When NCCI says Workers Comp Combined Ratio fell 6% in one year, that was a real shocker no one could have anticipated from last year. What happened in the Workers Comp underwriting and risk arenas that would have made such a turnaround in

Will NCCI ARD Elimination Change Premium Audits? – Correction

NCCI ARD Elimination Change Premium Audits The NCCI ARD elimination has hit the Work Comp blogosphere over the last few days.  The ARD (Anniversary Rating Date) is covered in a guide by NCCI. The Anniversary Rating Date Guide  by NCCI covers the subject more than one could ever expect to see

Work Comp Combined Ratio Under 100 – First Time In Eight Years

Work Comp Combined Ratio Under 100 The subject of Work Comp Combined Ratio seems to be appearing more in the insurance press lately.   I was unable to attend the NCCI Annual Issues Symposium.  However, I did make it to their data conference in March of this year. One of the better

NCCI Provides Plethora of Free Info When You Visit Their Website

NCCI Provides A Large Amount of Info Freebies The NCCI provides a plethora of free information. One of the great improvements with NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) is the addition of many great tutorials on Workers Compensation. Many of those tutorials have one or multiple videos to aid in

Texas Officially Joins NCCI System – Good Move Overall

Texas Officially Joins The NCCI System Texas officially joined the NCCI system today as the Department of Insurance files a petition to adopt NCCI’s Experience Rating Plan Manual.    Earlier in the year, The Texas Department of Insurance signed order 3455 adopting NCCI’s Statistical Plan for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance

Small Deductible Policies Worth It? – NCCI – Varies by State

Small Deductible Policies Using small deductible policies can be a great cost-saving technique in some states. One of the long standing assumptions I had made was that small deductible policies really did not make that much of a difference to the cost of a Workers Comp policy.  Small deductible policies

NCCI Updates Website User Friendly – Hidden Enhancements

NCCI Updates Website The NCCI updates website with many improvements.  Actually, the NCCI has updated their website often in 2014.  The much-appreciated upgrades were long overdue. Some of the upgrades were: RiskWorkstation  Manuals Library Policy Data Reporting Data Manager Dashboard All of the updates or enhancements come with a webinar

WCRI – How Economy Drives Financial Performance of WC – Live

Economy Drives Work Comp Success – WCRI A great presentation on how the Economy Drives the financial performance of WC. .Dr. Harry Shuford from NCCI –  One of the best presentations so far at this conference.   This was great data analyses.  He should have been given longer than 30

NCCI Says PEO’s Questionable Reputation Not Deserved

NCCI Says PEO’s Questionable NCCI says PEO’s questionable reputation. PEO’s (Professional Employer Organizations) have long received somewhat of a bad rap from many different sources.  However, we have found them to be extremely helpful in aiding our clients in finding Workers Comp coverage in a difficult insurance market. PEO’s have

Physician Fee Schedules NCCI Conducts 31 State Study

Physician Fee Schedules Studied By NCCI The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) recently published two studies on the effects of fee schedules on physician charges.   These were supposedly the first studies that analyzed this specific type of data.  However, the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) has performed similar

California – WCIRB Upcoming Meeting Will Affect Certain Employers

WCIRB Upcoming Meeting Will Affect Certain Employers Heavily The upcoming meeting of WCIRB in California may be one to mark on your calendar if you own one of the below listed companies.  The WCIRB may change some classification  codes depending on a meeting on March 5th.  The WCIRB is California’s rating agency for

California Employer Question On Experience Modification Factor (XMod)

California Employer Question A California employer emailed in this question last weekend.  “We are a medium-sized employer (dry cleaner) in central California.   Our Experience Modification Factor increased significantly over the last few years.  The increase seems to have resulted in our Workers Comp premiums rising  significantly.   What is

NCCI – Massive New Study On Long Term Claims

Massive New Study On Long Term Claims NCCI has recently published what I would refer to as a very hybrid study of the long term medical costs on Workers Comp claims.  Claims data is usually examined by NCCI, the WCIRB (CA Rating Bureau), and other rating bureaus with a corresponding

Six Workers Comp Premium Saving Resolutions

 Workers Comp Premium Saving Resolutions Workers Comp Premium saving resolutions are always a great way to start the New Year.  There are six easy workers comp premium saving resolutions below.  These will work for companies of all sizes.  Six Workers Comp Resolutions for Self Insureds will be covered next time.  

NCCI Report On Auto Accidents Has Interesting Subrogation Numbers

Auto Accidents Report Has Interesting Side Statistics The NCCI report on Auto accidents. NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) is the largest rating bureau in the nation.  Their statistics cover 21 or more states.   One of most dangerous places to work is in your automobile according to their report.

E-Mods and X-Mods Affected By Lack of Technology

Lack Of Technology – E-Mods and X-Mods All E-Mods and X-Mods are affected directly by technology. In my last post, one of the statistics that jumped off the page caused me to write this blog separately as there is a study that finally relates the lack of technology by Workers

Iowa Approves 7.9% Rate Increase In a Down Economy?

Iowa Approves 7.9% Increase in Rates (Ouch) The state of Iowa Approves a 7.9 percent rate increase.   NCCI recommended that Iowa increase its Workers Compensation rates by 7.9% (3% effective 01/01/13 + additional 4%  on 07/01/13).  Iowa subsequently approved the rate increases. This was rather surprising in such a

Who Is The WCIRB And What Do They Regulate?

Who Is The WCIRB ? What do they regulate and who is the WCIRB ? I received this question on the WCIRB last night from a California employer that had grown large enough to receive an X-Mod.  Congratulations on your company’s growth in a tough economy.  Sometimes, it is best

Safety and EMods – Highlights From My Presentation From Today

Presentation Highlights – Safety and EMods Are Very Related How Safety and EMods intermingle was the basis for most of the highlights from my presentation. The NC Mid State Safety Council was kind enough to ask me to do a presentation on how safety programs impact an employer’s bottom line from

Split Points – Largest Workers Comp Concern Presently

Largest Workers Comp Concern Today Seen As Split Points The Split Points became the Largest Workers Comp concern presently.   I am presenting at the North Carolina Mid State Safety Council conference tomorrow.  A few weeks ago I was contemplating what would be the largest concern for safety, human resource,

Workers Comp Narcotics – When Does 1% Equal 40% ?

Shocking Statistics on Workers Comp Narcotics The NCCI just released a study today on Narcotics in Workers Comp. The buzz on narcotics/opioids almost rivals fraud. I decided to read the study closely to see if there were any astounding facts. The one statistic that stood out was that 40% of

NCCI Sends Wake Up Call to Unsafe Companies

Unsafe Companies – NCCI Says Pay Your Fair Share The NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) has dramatically changed the way that companies will be rated for any polices that are effective after 1/1/2013. Unsafe companies are now going to have higher E-Mods. Companies with much better loss histories will

NCCI Proves What We Knew All Along

NCCI Older Workers Study A new report has been produced by the NCCI indicating that older workers do not account for a larger percentage of Workers Comp accidents than the overall employee population. In a way, the theme of the article seems that NCCI may have been surprised by the

When Is My Anniversary Rating Date?

Term Of The Day – Anniversary Rating Date This is also referred to as the ARD. In the experience rating process, the anniversary rating date is normally the effective date of the policy. This is not to be confused with the date that the rating bureau actually produces an E-Mod/Ex-Mod/X-Mod.

NCCI Says Workers Comp Costs Up, Number of Claims Down

NCCI Says Workers Comp Costs Up – Number of Claims Decreasing The NCCI  says claims costs are  increasing  but the number of workers comp claims is decreasing .   According to a very recent report by NCCI(R), the downward trend in the number of Workers Compensation claims has continued for 2009. The

Scopes Manual – Where I Can Find It For Research?

Scopes Manual Definition The Scopes Manual is a guide to proper classification of employees published by NCCI. This manual details each employee classification code with a definition and a list of employees who fall under that specific code. The Scopes Manual includes NOC definitions as well as classification codes that

NCCI State Advisory Symposiums Are Time Well Spent

NCCI State Advisory Symposiums NCCI conference state advisory are worth attending. The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI(r)) provides meetings in most of the states every year where they provide rating information. I am not putting in a plug. I rarely recommend service providers or their services. These conferences are

Workers Comp Policy Rules For Changing Classification Codes

Your Workers Comp Policy Rules For Changing Classification Codes  Your Workers Comp policy rules have an interesting yet unknown rule in them.   All states have this rule in one form or another.  The main rule here is the 120 day rule.  The rule is applicable in almost all states

National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)

What Is The NCCI? The ( NCCI ) National Council on Compensation Insurance is based in Boca Raton, FL. They perform the Workers Compensation rating calculations for employers and insurance companies in over 20 states. Even the states that do not use them for their rating calculations base their Experience



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