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NWCDC Conference 2018 – Looking For True Technology

NWCDC Conference 2018 – My Unending Technology Quest The NWCDC Conference 2018 is tomorrow. I plan to attend and go through the vendor area to see if there are any new technologies.   The last few years have been a little disappointing as Workers Comp has been overall.     I thought I was not going to

More WC Innovation from NWCDC – Thermazone

WC Innovation from NWCDC From Medical Company I had written earlier in the week on searching for WC innovation at the recent National Workers Compensation and Disability Conference last month in Las Vegas. As most of the innovation was in the vendor booths, I visited everyone of them over two

Workers Comp Conference Searching For Innovation In Las Vegas

Las Vegas Workers Comp Conference – Innovation The largest Workers Comp conference occurs this week in Las Vegas.  The conference covers both  national and regional issues.  The proceedings start tomorrow with the keynote speaker tomorrow through November 21st.   I will try to blog live some of the conference live if

PMSI Progressive Medical Merger – Small WC Companies Fading?

PMSI and Progressive Medical Merger Causes Workers Comp Buzz PMSI and Progressive Medical Merger shows that small WC companies  may not exist much longer in the insurance landscape.  The buzz at the end of last week and over the weekend was the surprising merger of two Workers Comp service titans.

Workers Comp Systems Are Antiquated At Best

Workers Comp Systems One of my main concerns in working with clients is the basically outdated Workers Comp systems that have to be trudged through to even perform basic operations.  This article on outdated Workers Comp systems analyzed what Workers Comp claims workers already knew – most systems are severely

Workers Compensation Innovation At NWCDC Conference

Workers Compensation Innovation – Little To None Workers Compensation Innovation is  one of the main areas I pay attention to when I attend Worker Comp conferences.  I do not mean to disparage companies that are Workers Comp service providers.  I am attending the National Workers Comp Conference in Las Vegas



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