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Ohio BWC

Ohio BWC Premium Refunds Issued For $255 Million

Ohio BWC Premium Refunds Possible The Ohio BWC premium refunds were issued this week to 24,140 overcharged employers across the state.   The Ohio BWC originally had an almost $1 billion ruling to pay for premium overcharges. There are many articles on the situation in this blog. The Ohio BWC

Ohio Workers Comp Crisis Was Rumbling For Few Years

Ohio Workers Comp Crisis Comes To A Head The Ohio Workers Comp crisis reached a fever pitch this month.   I have not mentioned Ohio for a few months. Ohio is one of the few remaining monopolistic state funds where the state is the only insurance carrier. Recently, a county

Ohio BWC (Bureau of Workers Compensation) Loses Major Court Case

Ohio BWC Loses Court Case On Interesting Premium Calculations I had previously posted about how the Ohio BWC  is not acting as a true insurer and is using number voodoo to charge smaller employers outrageous premiums while giving certain employer groups enormous discounts. Ohio small businesses were being discriminated against

Ohio Monopolistic Workers Comp System Having Problems

Ohio Monopolistic Workers Comp System May Be Up For A Few Changes Did Ohio Monopolistic BWC fail? I have posted on this one a few times in the past. As you can see from the last post, the people that suffer the most from wholesale and somewhat unfounded changes to

Ohio BWC Sued For Creating Privileged Employer Groups

Ohio BWC Created Illegal Preferred Risk Groups Ohio BWC insureds file a huge lawsuit.  Business owners will try to convince a judge that Ohio plays favorites with some companies by offering unfair discounts in money they must pay to the state’s fund for injured workers. Attorneys representing several businesses, including

Article On Ohio Workers Compensation

Ohio Workers Compensation System Below is an article about Ohio Workers Compensation. Ohio is one of the states that has a state-run Workers Compensation system. I have predicted that all monopolistic Workers Comp systems will eventually fail and/or open up to a free-market system. Ohio’s Workers Comp system basically failed,



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