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Classification Codes – Employee Misclassification Different

Employee Misclassification Different North Carolina Will Likely Soon Enact Employee Misclassification Bill Classification codes are not the same as what North Carolina is looking to reign in concerning unscrupulous employers. We begin to receive questions when the subject of employee misclassification hits the Workers Comp newswires. North Carolina will very likely

Employee Misclassification – Back In News

Employee Misclassification Means Contractor or Sub The employee misclassification news was back in. Classification Codes such as 8810 (Clerical/Administrative) are the number one question we receive calls and emails about every month.  Employers want to make sure they are not being overcharged for improper classification. Most of the news articles

North Carolina and Misclassification Confusion With New Task Force

NC Misclassification Confusion The misclassification confusion still exists in North Carolina. Recently, North Carolina’s Governor Perdue had drawn together a task force to lessen the number of Workers Comp scofflaws that exist in North Carolina. Earlier this year, 30,000 North Carolina employers did not have proper coverage for their workers.

What is Misclassification in Workers’ Compensation?

Term Of The Day – Misclassification An error by the rating bureau or insurer that places an employer is the wrong class code, causing an incorrect premium to be charged. Misclassifications can also occur when an employer misrepresents the scope of business in order to be classified in a class code

Employee Misclassification – Another Reader Question

Employee Misclassification – Shareholders and Officers Avoid Employee Misclassification in naming shareholders and officers. I received another question on the pitfalls of misclassifying employees. In California, there was a company that had been advising employers to exploit a loophole in the labor code to avoid their workers comp obligations by

Misclassification Confusion – Subcontractors vs. Classification Codes

Misclassification Confusion Of Employees and Subcontractors The misclassification confusion  applies to subcontractors not employees. We received a few emails today concerning yesterday’s post.   There are two different types of misclassification of employees.  One is a much more serious situation than the other. The first involves misclassifying an employee as a

Types of Misclassification – One Bad and One Just Needs Repairing

Types of Misclassification  = Employee Status – Not Same As Wrong Class Codes Two types of misclassification of employee status- and they are not the same whatsoever. We have received emails over the last few weeks concerning various Departments of Insurance pursuing employers for misclassifying employees in their Workers Comp

Misclassifying Employees Not Same As Work Comp Classification Codes

Crackdown on Misclassifying Employees We have received a few emails asking whether or not our services will be affected by the new laws in PA, NH, and other states. We do not try misclassifying employees purposely to save an employer on Workers Comp premiums. We feel that employers should pay



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