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Workers Comp Medical Provider Networks Absence = Losing $1 Million

Absence of Workers Comp Medical Provider Networks – 1993 Example Still Resonates Today Workers comp medical provider networks can usually provide injured employees with the utmost care while saving medical treatment dollars.  A win-win-win situation between the injured employee, medical provider, and employer can be attained if a preset workers

Academy of Insurance – 7 Ways To Blow Up Your Workers Comp Program

Check out this new webinar I am teaching on Thursday at the Insurance Journal’s Academy of Insurance. I think it goes up 40% in price after tomorrow  (Wednesday).  If you are a member of the Academy, then you get to watch it Thursday and the recording afterwards for free. The

An Apology To Our Article and Newsletter Readers

Crashes and Late Newsletter Last week, we had a web consultant company tie up a few loose ends.  One of the consultants accidentally clicked a button that sent the website reeling. A very quick explanation – the website is set up as cutcompcosts.com/year/month/article name     The consultant changed all 2,000

Workers Comp Humor During The Lockdowns – Working @ Home

Workers Comp Humor Needed Now – My Major Accomplishment and The Theremin  OK, so my attempt at Workers Comp humor or any humor may fall flat.   Well, here it goes.   Also, my method for securing toilet paper after I ran out.    BTW, I am not a hoarder.  Four packs

Workers Comp Mentor – Take Ten Seconds with Mr Rogers

Mr. Rogers And Your Workers Comp Mentor Your Workers Comp mentor is someone that you owe a large favor.  We sometimes forget how much that special person in our business lives meant to us. I was actually searching through websites that had given the J&L Risk Management Consultants  a bad backlink.

Work Comp Medical Tourism – Thinking Way Outside The Box

Work Comp Medical Tourism – A New Frontier? The subject of Work Comp medical tourism was something that I scoffed at when I first heard about this interesting Risk Management technique.   However, when I started talking with one of the medical tourism bloggers – Richard Krasner – the subject

Two Strongest Phrases In Workers Comp Based On Manners

The Two Strongest Phrases Have Manners Behind Them The  two strongest phrases in Workers Comp causes more successful interactions than almost any other words.   In the age of texts, tweets, emails, Facebook posts, etc., there is always a great time to be old school.  In any insurance job, from agents

Basic Phone Etiquette Non Workers Comp Rant On Marketing Calls

Basic Phone Etiquette Starts With Very First Words My Basic Phone Etiquette rant comes from a few calls I have received this week.  Today, I thought I would divert from Workers Comp and possibly rant on one area that is becoming very prevalent in running a business.   I do

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Workers’ Comp To Hit Big Time-On Small Screen

Workers’ Comp Debuts On Small Screen The small screen will host a Workers’ Comp series.  I have often thought that, at times, Workers Comp is interesting and challenging. I even dreamed it to be comedic enough to support a TV show. Well, here it is. Eagerly anticipated and much talked



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