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Medical Only Claims

Automated Workers Comp Medical Only Claims Not A Solution Yet

Automated Workers Comp Medical Only Claims vs. Human Intervention Two different presenters this month spoke on automated workers comp medical only claims.  In fairness to the presenters, I will not mention their names or companies.   Their presentations were better than most that I have seen on this subject. The ideas

Medical Only Claims Adjusting – One Super Critical Task To Consider

Medical Only Claims Adjusting – Where Small Claims Can Turn To Crises Most Medical Only Claims Adjusting sections in a claims processing manual consist of a very few pages.  Lost time adjusting takes up the majority of a TPA or insurance carrier claims manual. The Medical Only claims adjusting section

Report Medical Only Claims To Carrier – Saves Later Headaches

Report Medical Only Claims – The Devil Is In The Delay Should I report my medical only claims to the carrier? Our newsletter and blog readers ask us this question as often as any other workers comp question.    The other related question – Will my premiums increase if I

Personal Sensitivity Claims Complicated Workers Compensation Matter

Personal Sensitivity Claims – Frustrating For Employees and Adjusters A large number of personal sensitivity claims have created a large chasm between workers compensation adjusters and employees who report this type of claim. General sensitivity claims can be defined as where the employee reports a claim that may have been

California WCIRB First Aid Claim Requirements – Good and Bad

California WCIRB Issues Mandate on Filing First Aid Claims The California WCIRB is the workers compensation insurance rating bureau for specifically the Golden State.   The WCIRB produces notices of rule changes that will affect California employers. One that I wanted to call attention to (even though it was published

Medical Only Claims – Ignore Them At Your Own Risk

Medical Only Claims – A Short List of Concerns Medical only claims turn out to be the worst Lost Time claims if not monitored properly.  How can a few $250 claims cause such havoc? The old saying concerning “Big things come in small packages” applies very well to this situation.  

Scariest Claims of All – IBNR Can Be Frightening – Happy Halloween

IBNR Can Be Frightening To All Parties IBNR (Incurred But Not Reported) can be one of the most frightening aspects of the Workers Compensation system as a whole.  I often hear the term bandied about in WC “techie talk” conversations.  All parties in the WC system need to be aware

Workers Comp Medical Only Claims – Your Money Down Toilet

Workers Comp Medical Only Claims And Claims Festering(c) Certain Workers Comp Medical Only Claims snowball into uncontrolled Lost Time Claims for employers and carriers.  My last post on Medical Only claims pointed out the pitfalls and concerns of medical only claims. I promised that I would get back to how

Medical Only Claims – Worst Type May Go Unnoticed Festering

The Very Worst Workers Comp Medical Only Claims Recently, I posted on the pitfalls of Workers Comp medical only claims. That article is here. The worst medical only claims nightmare results from claims festering – or an unknown claim that sits with undiscovered liability. There is a very small window

Medical Only Claims Festering – Fuse May Be Lit For Huge Loss

Medical Only Claims Festering (c) The term medical only claims festering was coined by me in the late 1980’s. Most medical only claims are just that – claims with low dollar values that close within 90 days. They usually do not affect your E-Mod (Ex-Mod) in most situations. There is



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