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Workers Comp Delayed Medical Treatment Increases Opioid Prescriptions

Increased Opioids From Workers Comp Delayed Medical Treatment – WCRI  A recent WCRI (Workers Comp Research Institute) webinar showed that workers comp delayed medical treatment results in a higher level and longer treatment with opioids.   The chart below from the presentation says it all.  I will explain what the chart

Workers Comp Medical Treatment – Faster is Better

Quick Workers Comp Medical Treatment Key To Cutting Costs The main Key To Cutting Your Insurance budget remains providing quick workers comp medical treatment for your injured employees.    Having a medical network is a critical cost saver even if you are a small employer. A Goldmine of Workers Comp

Workers Comp Medical Treatment Networks – What Studies Are Missing

Workers Comp Medical Treatment Networks – Claims Adjuster’s Different Paradigms After reading a few studies on workers comp medical treatment networks, one glaring aspect becomes apparent very quickly.  As I often have commented on claims studies – “Did they interview any adjusters for input?”  The answer remains “no” on most

WCIRB Delayed Medical Treatment Study Backs Up Six Keys Study

WCIRB Delayed Medical Treatment Study Proves What We Knew All Along The WCIRB Delayed Medical Treatment Study can be found here.  The WCIRB (California Workers Comp Rating Bureau) recently published a study on delayed medical treatment due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. I was hoping the study replicated or at

Workers Comp Medical Network Penetration Increases Utilization Costs

Workers Comp Medical Network Penetration Means Higher Use – NCCI Study  A recent NCCI Study indicates that a higher Workers Comp medical network penetration rate results in a higher rate of utilization.   Check out the study here on their website.   The study reads as a little complicated, but bear with

Workers Compensation Medical Networks – Are You A Drive-by User?

Workers’ Compensation Medical Netwks – Discounts Not Being Useord By Employers Workers’ Compensation medical network usage tends to be the drive-by type.   What do I mean by drive-by? PPO/MPN/Cost-Savings Network Most employers have an agreement with their carrier or Third Party Administrator (TPA) if your company is self-insured.    Drive-by

Workers Comp Medical Cost Terms – Back To Basics

Workers Comp Medical Cost Terms – A Few That Have Caused Confusion Most Workers Comp medical cost terms are very easy to understand.   However, there are a few that, in my recent conversations, have caused confusion and concern. Workers Comp Medical Cost Terms These terms are a little more specific

Medical Treatment Networks Save Money – Win Win Win On Claim

Medical Treatment Networks – A Little Work Saves Big Claim Dollars Works For All Types of Employers And Provides Injured Workers With Top-Notch Treatment Workers Compensation Medical treatment networks remain the mother of all workers comp savings plans.   If an injury occurs, knowing the local industrial minded physicians and other

Injured Workers Trust Four Professionals The Most During Their Claim

Who Do Injured Workers Trust During Medical Treatment?   Most injured workers resemble their counterparts in the general public.  I came across this article on the most trusted professions.    At least five articles on these professionals have appeared earlier.   I decided to covert the general public view as the

Workers Compensation Medical Networks Save Bundle – Used Properly

Proper Use Of Workers Compensation Medical Networks Key To Employee Health And Savings Workers Compensation Medical Networks have always provided a large return on investment.  Injured employees receive the best medical treatment and the employer cuts their workers comp costs.  The insurance carrier or TPA claims staff being able to

Workers Comp Medical Networks Keeping Costs in Check NCCI

Workers Comp Medical Networks = Cost Saving According to NCCI’s Barry Lipton Workers Comp medical networks reduce costs in most instances.  At NCCI’s  2017 Annual Issues Symposium, Barry Lipton, Senior Actuary covered a very interesting topic – Medical Costs Then and Now <<slides available at this link. I do recommend

Workers Comp Medical Networks Reduce Costs – Or Do They Actually?

Workers Comp Medical Networks – Three Conflicting Studies Most Workers Comp networks generate large claim payment reductions according to two studies.  Another study indicates no savings from these same Workers Comp medical networks. One of my Six Keys To Saving On Workers Comp Costs involves medical control.   Since the

Communication With Your Company’s Workers Comp Medical Providers

Communication With Workers Comp Medical Providers Save Premiums Workers Comp medical providers are one of the very critical areas in your Workers Compensation program. Communication with the medical providers in your network is one of the most effective ways to control your Workers Comp costs. The most important medical providers

Workers Compensation Program – Medical Network Critical To Not Harm

Workers Compensation Program Medical Networks Critical Does your company have a solid Workers Compensation program?   This would apply to all employers regardless of size, type of insurance program, or state. California has shown that MPN’s (Medical Provider Networks) are a way to reduce premiums very quickly. Designing your own provider



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