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Ladder of Insurance

Workers Comp Ladder of Insurance Very Important Term in 2020

Workers Comp Ladder of Insurance – Subs of Subs Become Employees Early in my career, my insurance company employer sent me to what was a whirlwind of legal terms and concepts known as subrogation.   I took notes until my arm cramped with pain as I know this was important information. 

Temporary Employee Can Wind Up Being Your Employee

The Temporary Employee Files A Claim Against Your Company A Temporary Employee can end up in the Ladder of Insurance(c). This is another excerpt from a Workers Comp manual I wrote 10 years ago. Over the past twenty years, temporary employment agencies almost wrecked the WC insurance system. Unscrupulous owners

Sole Proprietor Covers Workers Compensation For 20 Employees – What?

Sole Proprietor Covers 20 Employees Without Realizing It  Workers Comp sole proprietor covers 20 employees that are not their employees..  I am sorry that I skipped doing an article to finish up the Ladder of Insurance(c). The Federalization of Workers Comp surfaced again. I always want to post on that

Ladder Of Insurance – What Does It Mean To Subcontractors?

Ladder Of Insurance(c) Can Cause Havoc For Contractors The Ladder Of Insurance affects many subcontractors. Question from one of the blog readers – We use many subcontractors. Can our company be held responsible for Workers Compensation coverage if one of their employees is injured on the job? The Ladder of

Workers Comp Ladder of Insurance Word of Warning

Workers Comp Word Of WARNING A word of warning for the Workers Comp ladder of insurance (c). There are two main situations where we have seen Workers Comp cause the premature demise of a business, especially small businesses. They are: Not being familiar with the laws concerning the number of employees



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