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Controlling Workers Comp Medical Treatment

Workers Comp Medical Provider Networks Absence = Losing $1 Million

Absence of Workers Comp Medical Provider Networks – 1993 Example Still Resonates Today Workers comp medical provider networks can usually provide injured employees with the utmost care while saving medical treatment dollars.  A win-win-win situation between the injured employee, medical provider, and employer can be attained if a preset workers

Workers Comp Accident Management Questions Rolled In

Workers Comp Accident Management By Restaurant Manager One of the more popular articles published recently covered the workers comp accident management by the restaurant manager of a slip-and-fall accident by a waitperson.  The article went viral, well, viral for a very specific-subject website. I received a few emails with questions

Workers Comp Claim Medical Costs – Fast Way To Reduce?

Workers Comp Claim Medical Treatment Do the Workers Comp claim medical treatment costs affect my claims cost the most? In my opinion, controlling the workers comp claim medical treatment is the quickest way to cut your Workers Comp costs. Controlling the medical costs not only means using the medical networks



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