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So You Want To Be A Workers Comp Consultant – 10 Ideas To Start

Workers Comp Consultant – Are You Ready To Start Your Engine? Over the years (since 1996), one of the most popular questions that I have fielded is what do I do if I want to be a Workers Comp Consultant? This question came from interns, agents, claims adjusters, premium auditors, 

Workers Comp Medical Provider Networks Absence = Losing $1 Million

Absence of Workers Comp Medical Provider Networks – 1993 Example Still Resonates Today Workers comp medical provider networks can usually provide injured employees with the utmost care while saving medical treatment dollars.  A win-win-win situation between the injured employee, medical provider, and employer can be attained if a preset workers

ChFC Designation Questions I Have Received Over The Years Answered

Why Did I Choose To Attain The Chartered Financial Consultant ChFC Designation? The ChFC designation is not one that you will find as part of the Institutes'(c) list of designations it provides for the insurance industry.   In the old days of trading business cards, I was asked more often than

NCCI Return To Work Analysis – Carriers Perspective on Cost Reductions

New NCCI Return To Work Analysis – Asking The Insurers Their Thoughts NCCI (National Council on Compensation Insurance) recently published a whitepaper as part of their Insights publications.  The NCCI Return to Work Insight covered six pages.  You can read or download a copy here. NCCI Return to Work Analysis

Academy of Insurance – 7 Ways To Blow Up Your Workers Comp Program

Check out this new webinar I am teaching on Thursday at the Insurance Journal’s Academy of Insurance. I think it goes up 40% in price after tomorrow  (Wednesday).  If you are a member of the Academy, then you get to watch it Thursday and the recording afterwards for free. The

Pandemic Workers Comp Return To Work Conundrum Question

Pandemic Workers Comp Return To Work Question To Our Article Readers The tables have turned with me publishing a pandemic workers comp return to work (RTW) question for our great and intelligent audience. Pandemic Workers Comp Return to Work vs Vaccine Hesitancy Wikimedia public use license One of our great

Workers Comp Accident Management Questions Rolled In

Workers Comp Accident Management By Restaurant Manager One of the more popular articles published recently covered the workers comp accident management by the restaurant manager of a slip-and-fall accident by a waitperson.  The article went viral, well, viral for a very specific-subject website. I received a few emails with questions

Workers Comp Accident – Happened Right In Front Of Me

Workers Comp Accident – Slip and Fall In Restaurant Over the July 4th weekend, I decided to visit a local restaurant that survived the pandemic.  Who knew that a workers comp accident would happen right in front of me? Please note the accident did not happen at the restaurant in

Coronavirus Vaccine Journey – Second Act – Over in 30 Minutes

Act II of my Coronavirus Vaccine Journey – Quick and No Problems My coronavirus vaccine journey started on St. Patrick’s Day.  Check out that article here.  The booster shot occurred yesterday.  Obtaining the second vaccine was much easier.   The first vaccine took two hours to complete. This one took 25

My COVID-19 Vaccination – Among The Everyday Heroes

My COVID-19 Vaccination And The Heroes That I Met Check out my COVID-19 Vaccination Photos Below – Click on the pics to see a larger version Why I Decided to Write On My COVID-19 Vaccination I had promised numerous friends, colleagues, and blog readers that I would post on my

Back To Work During A Pandemic For The Employee – Another Look

Back To Work – Considerations And Qualifications Going back to work is like a process of healing. A sick person needed medicine to be healed same as the workers that need to go back to their work. They needed a job to sustain and fulfill their daily needs. Workers have

Panel Discussion With Frank Pennachio – Academy of Insurance 50% Off

A Conversation with Frank Pennachio – See below. I usually try to stay away from advertising any company’s services – that what this blog has been known for is no advertising.  During the aftershow after my Kawasakian presentation last month, George and Patrick asked me a few additional questions when

Workers Comp COVID-19 Vaccinations – Part of Return To Work

Employers Require Return to Work Workers Comp COVID-19 Vaccinations? I started pondering how the Workers Comp COVID-19 vaccination process would work if an employee were returning to work with or without vaccination. This morning, I was reading a blog post from a Law Professor from Wyoming University.  I found it

J&L Founder James J Moore to Teach Insurance Academy Course Feb 4th

J&L Founder James J Moore Instructor For Academy of Insurance Course 02/04/21 J&L founder James J Moore will teach a one-hour course on February 4th.  The one-hour course will cover occupational disease rules in the age of COVID-19. According to James -” COVID-19 remains a terrible disease that affects many

Workers Comp Consultant Company – J&L – Top 10 Lessons Learned

J&L – 25 Years and Counting As A Leading Workers Comp Consultant Company J&L Insurance started in 1996 as a Workers Comp consultant company handling the proper filing of claims forms for large self-insureds. We added services as the market requested it such as premium audit services, general consulting, blog

Coronavirus Return To Work – Top 10 Issues For Workers Comp

Pending Post Coronavirus Return To Work Issues – Top 10 Preparations Coronavirus return to work issues will become the buzzword phrase in Workers Comp over the next few months (rightfully so).   Any references to a return to work mean all employees except for #9 below. This complete list may not

Employee Treatment Silent X Factor Great Risk Management

Employee Treatment By Employer Silent and Critical Factor The following advice on employee treatment by the employer is from an old manual I began in the 1980s and added to over the years.  I used to sell it as an income stream.   Employee treatment is not necessarily medical treatment.  I

Workers Compensation Medical Networks Save Bundle – Used Properly

Proper Use Of Workers Compensation Medical Networks Key To Employee Health And Savings Workers Compensation Medical Networks have always provided a large return on investment.  Injured employees receive the best medical treatment and the employer cuts their workers comp costs.  The insurance carrier or TPA claims staff being able to

J&L Risk Management Consultants Accomplishments This Year

J&L Risk Management Consultants Accomplishments –  Recent News A few, actually, 15 J&L Risk Management Consultants accomplishments were attained this month or will be reached next month. We will start our 23rd year next month – whew! James J Moore, reached his 2,000th article written this month The blog has

Six Keys To Saving On Workers Comp – Let’s Cover Easiest One

The Six Keys To Saving On Workers Comp – Easiest One To Accomplish Today The Six Keys To Saving On Workers Comp started as the Four Keys.   Still – to this day, almost 30 years after I wrote the First Four – ASAP First Reports is the easiest Key

James J Moore E-Mod LDF Presentation – Mid State Safety Council

James J Moore E-Mod LDF Presentation With Slides Available E-Mods and LDF’s_NC Midstate_12_13_16 <<<Slides  – File is 7mb Our founder, James J Moore E-Mod LDF presentation went well at the NC Mid State Safety Council’s Winter Lunch and Learn training session. The slides from the presentation are available for download at

Workers Comp Expert Witness – Tough Row To Hoe

Workers Comp Expert Witness – A Niche’ ? Being a Workers Comp expert witness over the years has taught me many very interesting experiences.    I thought I would cover a few of those which provided a lesson. Memorization One cannot lull themselves into thinking that you can memorize the

Workers Compensation Cost Cutting – Silent Fifth Key

#1 Workers Compensation Cost Reduction Technique The art of Workers Compensation cost cutting is one of those specialized areas that may have been put on the “back burner”.   The new healthcare laws and other concerns have dominated the employer landscape over the last few years. Workers Compensation cost concerns seem

James J Moore To Present Premium Audit Webinar May 26th

James J Moore – How to Properly Review the Work Comp Premium Audit- And Use it to Your Advantage J&L’s founder James J Moore AIC, MBA, ChFC, ARM  will present a webinar on premium audits on May 26th, 2016.  The Insurance Journal Academy  is sponsoring the event. Premium audits are

James J Moore To Conduct Insurance Academy Webinar February 25th

Webinar – Destroy Your Competition Using Workers Comp Loss Runs James J Moore, AIC, MBA, ChFC, ARM founder of J&L Insurance Consultants, J&L Risk Management Consultants, and Cutcompcosts.com will conduct  an Insurance Academy© Webinar on February 25, 2016 at 1:30 PM Eastern Time.   The link to sign up for

Work Comp Answers – See Article From Yesterday

The Work Comp Answers The Work Comp answers to yesterday’s cutcompcosts.com article are as follows – if you have not read the previous article, it is advisable to do so as this article may not make sense as a standalone.  Links are provided to the associated articles  What is workers

Workers Comp Cost Savings – Onsite Medical Clinics

On Site Medical Clinics = Workers Comp Cost Savings One of the best ways to increase Workers Comp Cost Savings without sacrificing medical care is to use onsite or near-site medical clinics.  Medical control has been one of my Keys To Workers Comp Cost Savings since 1989. Onsite or near-site

Cutting Workers Comp Costs Adds 6th Key – Adoption By Management

Cutting Workers Comp Costs Has New Key Added For Clarity The subject of cutting workers comp costs added an obvious 6th addition to the list.  In 1989, I originally wrote and presented on what I thought were the Three Keys to Workers Compensation Savings.   I wrote the three from

WCRI Proves One of My Five Keys To Workers Comp Savings

Workers Comp Savings – WCRI Proves 4th Key I wrote the Five Keys to Workers Comp Savings many years ago.  When a great research company agrees with a long-held point, that is always a great sign.   The Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) recently published another great study.   The study

Biltmore Corporation – Extensive RTW Program = Low E-Mod

Biltmore Corporation (Asheville) Return to Work  Program The Biltmore Corporation (Asheville, NC)  has an extensive return to work program. I am attending the North Carolina Safety Conference in Greensboro this week.  I attended one of the safety sessions that featured the Biltmore House/Biltmore’s Safety Manager Andy Spradley.   One of the main

Bad Santa Grinch – Did Workers Comp Make Me One?

Bad Santa Grinch – Yes I Was Mean And Green Every Year The bad Santa Grinch Workers Comp made.One of the most disturbing trends in my WC career occurred every Christmas.  I started my career in claims.  Every year just before the Yuletide I was told at least once –

Pay ACA Penalty File Workers Comp Claim For Medical Treatment

ACA Penalty May Not Deter Workers Comp Claims What if a worker decided to pay the ACA penalty and file a WC claims for medical treatment?  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) may cause an unintended spike in Workers Compensation claims. One of the concerns over the years in claims departments

Delaware Requires Employers Start Great Risk Mgmt Technique

Delaware Requires Employers  Job Lists To Treating Physician The State of Delaware requires employers to initiate a great risk management technique.  Return to work is one of the Five Keys To Saving On Workers Comp $.  I have been writing, presenting, and blogging on these Five Keys for over 25

Late Reported Claims Info = Increased Mod and Premium

Late Reported Claims Info by Carrier Can Cause E-Mod Increase Increased Mod and Premium were due to Late Reported Claims Info from insurance carrier employer. We received this emailed in question over the weekend.  The business owner was not very happy about receiving a policy amendment and bill during the

Occupational Therapy – Great Return to Work Technique – Worth It?

Occupational Therapy Can Be Worth The Expensive Costs  Most Occupational Therapy programs provide a great return to work technique. Many years ago when I was “riding” a WC claims desk, a file in New Hampshire had a type of provider I had not seen before in my career.  The physical

How to Reduce Experience Mods – Presentation Tomorrow in Raleigh

How To Reduce Experience Mods Presentation Raleigh How to reduce experience Mods will be presented by  James J Moore, our founder,  tomorrow in Raleigh. He will be presenting on the new NCCI or NC Rate Bureau Mod Calculation changes later this month at Job Ready Services in Raleigh.   You can register

NCCI NCRB New Mod Calculation Presentation This Week

My Upcoming Mod Calculation Presentation The NCCI NCRB new Mod calculation are the subject of my upcoming presentation. I will be presenting on Tuesday March 5th for the Charlotte Association of Insurance Professionals  on the new E-Mod (Experience Modification Factor) calculation.   All North Carolina Workers Compensation policies that are renewed

First Reports Of Injury – File Them Online Now Or Pay 400% Later

First Reports Of Injury Should Be Filed ASAP – No Excuses Workers Compensation First Reports of Injury (FROI) are an employer’s first step in Loss Control.  Loss Control is not the same as Loss Prevention.  Loss Control to me is defined as the prevention of future losses AFTER an occurrence of a

NC Mid State Safety Conference Announcement – Presenting

NC Mid State Safety Conference Announcement I am speaking at the NC Mid State Safety conference on the NCCI split points and how they will affect your Workers Comp. This info will also apply to self insureds. This is an all-day conference with great BBQ. I am the Treasurer of

Footnote References For #3 Return To Work – Readers Requested

Footnote References For Return To Work Requested By Readers The footnote references are for #3 Return to Work.   I had been asked by numerous blog and newsletter readers for APA citations on my research. The two studies are cited below. Please check out my next post to see what #1,

Being Named As Rebaters – Sign of Success?

Named As Rebaters – J&L Risk Management at ISO Conference J&L was recently named as rebaters at an ISO conference.I had heard many times of the saying “You know that you are successful when bad things are written about you.”  I am not sure of the saying’s source. At a

Hallmark and American Greetings Can Be Great For Loss Control

Hallmark and American Greetings Cards Are Great Risk Management The Hallmark and American Greetings cards help control Work Comp Costs. One of our blog readers reminded me that I did not post an article on how greeting card companies can be great for reducing Workers Comp claims costs. I usually cover

Five Secrets To Cutting Your Workers Compensation Costs

Five Secrets To Saving On Work Comp Costs The five secrets to save on Work Comp Costs are actually based in common sense. I have in a roundabout way over the last few weeks covered a few of the secrets (that are not so secret) to cutting your company’s Workers

Employer Can Do One Thing To Quickly Wreck Workers Compensation

Employer Can Do This To Quickly Wreck Their Workers Compensation Program There is one thing that an employer can do to wreck their Workers Comp program. It is a mistake that can be remedied very quickly. The mistake is not reporting claims timely. With so many of the states requiring

AMA – Startling Workers Comp Return To Work Statistic

AMA Early Return To Work Saves Workers Comp Funds I was attending a lunch conference on Workers Compensation Return to Work earlier this week. The presenter provided this statistic from the AMA  (American Medical Association). The stat was based on the longer an injured employee is out of work, the

Quick Apology To Our Readers For Bad Blogger Day

A Quick Apology To Our Devout Article Readers A quick apology to all readers. We have been informed by Blogger that some of the previous and archived posts may not be or may not have been accessible.  This may have resulted in a 404 Error, especially if you are using

Workers Comp Claim Medical Costs – Fast Way To Reduce?

Workers Comp Claim Medical Treatment Do the Workers Comp claim medical treatment costs affect my claims cost the most? In my opinion, controlling the workers comp claim medical treatment is the quickest way to cut your Workers Comp costs. Controlling the medical costs not only means using the medical networks

My Insurance Designations Listed and What They Mean

My Insurance Designations – What Are They? Insurance designations can be very helpful in building a thorough knowledge of the insurance process. One of the questions that I often receive at Workers Comp presentations is, “what are the initials at the end of my name, and what do they mean?”

Workers Comp Claims Review Expert – How Do You Find Proper One?

Workers Comp Claims Review Experts Can Be Hard To Find Choosing a great Workers Comp claims review expert is some of the best strategically invested money in a company’s budget. The main things to look for in your search are: Designations – such as AIC, ARM, CPCU, etc. Our next

Four Factors That Are Critical When Accident Happens

Four Factors When The Claim Occurs Are Critical The four factors are: How was the employee treated by their employer at the time of the claim? Did the employer have a medical network established to send the employee to for treatment? Was that employee sent to an established network medical

Workers Comp Blog Readers Ask Another Great Question On Our Services

Great Question From Our Workers Comp Blog Readers Another Question from Our Workers Comp Blog readers – There are a few companies that do Workers Comp premium reviews such as J&L. Do you do anything different than your competitors? Answer – There are a few things that separate us from

Workers’ Comp Costs – Six Keys To Saving Premiums

Reduce Your Workers’ Comp Costs – Six Keys (updated) Update – Six Keys To Saving on Workers’ Comp Costs. The mainstay of all my presentations is the (used to be three) “Five Six Keys to Saving on Workers’ Comp Costs.” This is a time-tested list that will reduce Workers’ Comp costs



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