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ARM Designation – Claims Staff Make Your CV Resume’ Shine

Venerable ARM Designation – Beyond the AIC For Claims Staff The ARM Designation may be a good fit and advance your claims career at light speed. One of the questions I often receive from  Workers Comp claim staff is – What can I or we do to advance our claims

Associate in Risk Management Designation (ARM) – Worth It?

Work Comp Adjuster Question on Associate in Risk Management Is the Associate in Risk Management designation worth the effort?   I have my Associate in Claims (AIC) designation.  Is the ARM the next step in career advancement?   The above question came in from a California adjuster after the two articles

How Many Courses For Associate in Risk Management (ARM?)

Associate in Risk Management Designation Courses = 3 The Three Associate in Risk Management courses is listed below. This is a professional designation that I possess. It is awarded by the Insurance Institute of America (IIA). There are three somewhat difficult tests that need to be passed to complete the

My Insurance Designations Listed and What They Mean

My Insurance Designations – What Are They? Insurance designations can be very helpful in building a thorough knowledge of the insurance process. One of the questions that I often receive at Workers Comp presentations is, “what are the initials at the end of my name, and what do they mean?”

Insurance Designations – Complete List with Updates

List Of Insurance Designations Gives Many Alternatives I sometimes hear comments that there are no insurance designations for a certain area of insurance that would help someone with job advancement. The following list of t insurance designations should remove any doubts as to that fact. In my next post, I



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