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Insurance Policy

Insurance Policy = Contract Between Your Company and Carrier

Read Your Insurance Policy On Receipt To Save Headaches Your insurance policy equals a contract between you/your company and your insurance carrier.   This applies to Workers Comp policies even though they are usually more state-regulated than liability policies. Three questions asked over the last two weeks that applied to

Workers Comp Policy Includes Five Important Parts To Remember

A Workers Comp Policy Is Similar To All Insurance Policies A Workers Comp policy has five parts to it. Each part of the policy is important.  Some are more important than others, but all part of a policy should be read, even if it is slightly boring. The five parts

Workers Comp Audit Dispute Question From Twitter Tweeter

Audit Dispute Question From A Twitter Follower Our Workers Comp Twitter handle received an audit dispute question from a Twitter Tweeter. Can an insurance carrier perform a mid-term audit and  then come back in for another audit after the policy expires?   That seems to take up a large amount

Insurance Policy Quote Something Does Not Seem Right

My Insurance Policy Quote Seems Off My Insurance Policy quote does not seem right.  Workers Comp insurance quotes can cause a few sleepless nights.  We usually get emails and calls right after an employer receives their quote for the next years’ WC coverage.  This emailed question seemed to be different

Seven Premium Audit Resolutions For Smooth Premium Audit

Seven Premium Audit Resolutions The seven premium audit resolutions to reduce stress are below. As the premium audit season rolls around every year, I usually post quite a few articles on the subject.   The reason that this time of the year is called premium audit season is that most

Premium Audit Nightmare For January Policies

Premium Audit Nightmare – Change Policy Renewal Date A premium audit nightmare that can happen with January polices can easily be avoided with some planning. Almost 50% of the Workers Comp policies renew at the first of the year. One thing we see very often is our client or potential

Workers Compensation Insurance Policy Mistakes – Top 30

Top 30 Insurance Policy Mistakes These are the list of insurance policy mistakes from rating bureau. I have often heard this phrase from employers “As far as we know, our insurance carriers are reporting everything to NCCI or our State Rating Bureau accurately.” I decided to check and see if insurance

Workers Comp Policy Error Chances High – Look At Old Article

 Workers Comp  Policy Error – The Probabilities Finding a workers’ comp policy error can be a complicated search.  How many chances are there for errors with a Workers Comp policy, premiums, or reserves?  If one thinks about all of the inputs into a worker’s comp policy, reserves, or premium audit,

Policy Renewal – When We Usually Hear From Companies

We Usually Hear From Companies Just Before Or After Policy Renewal The workers comp policy renewal date sparks much interest from most employers whether it is approaching or has just passed in the last few days or weeks. This is a question that was posed to me at a recent



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