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Occupational Illness Rates by Industry – Great BLS Data Surprising Results

2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Illness Rates by Industry – Surprising Workers; Compensation Illness by Industry Rates shows which industries had the highest rates of occupational illness. Occupational illnesses are defined by the BLS as: BLS considers an occupational illness to be any abnormal condition or disorder—other than a case resulting from an

247,120 Slips, Trips, And Falls Devastate 2014 Workers Comp Budgets

247,120 Slips, Trips, And Falls – Increased by 8% Slips, trips, and falls as a type of  WC injury increased by 8% when compared to 2013  figures.  According to the BLS  (Bureau of Labor Statistics), there were 247,120 slips trips and falls in 2014.   This figure was much more

Student Teacher Violence Stunning Increase May Affect Workers Comp

Stunning Student Teacher Violence Report The stunning student teacher violence increases may affect Workers Comp in the future.  The National Center for Education Statistics recently published a study – Indicators of School Crime and Safety – 2013.     One of the more shocking statistics pulled from the study was



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