Independent Medical Exam (IME) Dozen Mistakes To Avoid

Independent Medical Exam (IME) Mistakes – Dozen Blunders An independent medical exam can make or break a WC file. Yesterday, I wrote a list of the Top 10 Ways that IME’s can harm a WC file.  The first five from the article are covered more in-depth today.      These

Independent Medical Exam (IME)- 10 Ways To Harm File

Independent Medical Exam (IME) Can Easily Blow Up A File An Independent Medical Exam is one of two-edged swords in WC Risk Management.  One of the most controversial and fund-leaking Risk Management techniques for Workers Compensation is the Independent Medical Exam (IME). This list is not just for adjusters.  Anyone that

Independent Medical Exams (IME) – Great Article On Basics

Independent Medical Exams (IME) Workers Comp Independent Medical Exams (IME’s) can be a great risk management technique when used properly.  IME’s are worth the time and cost in certain circumstances. The  final diagnosis and medical opinion by the IME physician may often agree with the current medical treatment and future



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