Independent Contractor Analysis

IRS Subcontractor Employee Determination Covers Three Main Points

IRS Subcontractor Employee Determination Starts With Three Common Law Decisions The IRS Subcontractor Employee determination pages were updated recently.  As promised, I wanted to provide any updates.   The updates on these webpages were more structural than substantive. Please remember the common law rules constitute a starting point on determining whether

Independent Contractor Employee Checklist Employers Contractors

Independent Contractor Employee Checklist The independent contractor employee checklist answers quite a few of the question we receive when I write an article on independent contractors.    Yesterday, I wrote an article that included all the IRS independent contractor information.  I came across this info at the Hawaii Work Center

Subcontractors Section From Manual I Authored Eight Years Ago

Subcontractors Section From Manual I Wrote The subcontractors section was covered in a manual I wrote a few years ago. The section was titled, Subcontractors. The last part of today’s blog has a few tips on how to protect your company when working with subs. One of the facets of

Misclassified Employees – Crackdown on Independent Contractors

Independent Contractors – Are They Misclassified Employees The misclassified employees of an independent contractor can be fixed if necessary. Who is an independent contractor under the Workers Comp rules? Several states including California, New Jersey, New York, and quite a few other states have begun a heavy investigation into whether



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