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Workers Comp Wage Statements Should Be Reviewed For Accuracy

Workers Comp Wage Statements – Adjuster Reviews Saves Later Headaches One of the most reviled forms in the claims process is the workers comp wage statement.   Many states require very complex forms to be filed by the claims departments.  Employers usually like them even less.   The term “necessary evil” comes

How Workers Comp Weekly Rate Is Calculated – Temporary Total Disability

Workers Comp Weekly Rate for TTD – The Basics Workers Comp weekly rates for TTD in all states are calculated differently. Workers are all deserving of the benefits beyond their efforts to work on time. They need financial help from their employers while they are suffering from injuries that they

Temporary Partial Disability – Misunderstood Benefit

Temporary Partial Disability The Workers Compensation benefit Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) is likely one of the more misunderstood benefits.  A quick review  of the three main types of paid disability benefits under WC are: Temporary Total – paid when a workers is completely out of work, usually at 2/3 of

FMLA With Workers Comp Return To Work – Expensive Mistake

FMLA With Workers Comp Return To Work The relationship of FMLA  with Workers Comp Return to Work is still an area of much confusion even today.   The FMLA has been in existence since 1993. I do not claim to be an FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) expert whatsoever.  That issue

Retroactive and Waiting Periods May Affect Disability Length

Retroactive and Waiting Periods Retroactive and Waiting Periods for Workers Comp temporary total disability (TTD)  are supposed to heavily affect the time that an injured worker stays out of work – or do they?    Yesterday’s article covered if Waiting Periods are actually still valid in today’s world. Most waiting

Are Workers Comp Waiting Periods Really Worth It?

Workers Comp Waiting Periods Most Workers Comp waiting periods are 7 calendar days retroactive to 21.   This means that any injured worker will not be paid for the first 7 days unless the disability period extends to 22 days. Workers Comp waiting periods  are almost always measured in calendar

New Mexico Supreme Court – Bad Decision on Temporary Total Disability

New Mexico Supreme Court Turns TTD into PTD The New Mexico Supreme Court recently ruled that Temporary Total (TTD) can be a permanent disability.  These types of decisions are often not underwritten by the Workers Compensation carrier. As discussed earlier in this blog, the WC insurance process is a delayed system.  The

Shocking Discovery – Workers Compensation Insurance Began 2050 BC

Ancient Sumeria Invented Workers Compensation Insurance The origins of Workers Compensation Insurance is much more ancient than in the early 1900’s.  I had always thought the beginnings of the WC system involved merchant ships or started in Wisconsin. This article from the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development  (DWD)

Paying Supplemental Wages While Injured Employee TTD

Paying Supplemental Wages To Injured Employees Analyzed Is Paying Supplemental Wages while injured employee is TTD OK? I was asked this question twice over the last month.  This is one of those areas where an employer wants to help an injured employee by paying his/her shortfall while the employee is out

AOE COE – Similar to Tampa Bay Bucs Tynes Decision

AOE COE – Tampa Bay Bucs The AOE COE  is the Workers Comp acronym for Arising Out of Employment or in the Course of Employment. Lawrence Tynes was brought in by the Tampa Bay Bucs as a replacement for Connor Barth this NFL season.  Mr. Tynes is not happy as

Recent Florida Decision Make All Reserves Inadequate In Sunshine State?

Florida Decision Could Cause Crisis The recent Florida decision makes all reserves possibly inadequate.  The Florida Workers Comp Claim that was mentioned earlier this week shows how little the upper courts understand the intricacies of  certain Workers Comp claim systems.  There had been published cases by Supreme Court Justices that said they

Texas Workers Comp Payments Decrease Due To Reforms

Texas Workers Comp Payments Are Lowering  The state of Texas workers comp payouts decreased for the first time in years.  According to WCRI,  the payments decreased overall by 4%.  This is a very large one year decrease in the current Workers Comp environment.   Texas enacted a large group of

Temporary Disability Period Shows Signs of Impending Disaster

Temporary Disability Period Shows Signs Of A Crisis The Temporary Disability period showed signs of deterioration of the return to work function.   I was supposed to post on premium audits and classification by analogy. I then read a report from the NCCI that was astounding to me. I will

Workers Comp Indemnity Costs and Recession

Recession – WC Indemnity Costs The California Workers Comp indemnity costs and recession. I was recently reading an article from WCRI concerning an increase in California on indemnity benefits. Their usually very accurate research seemed to equate the rise in indemnity costs to the recession. I think this is a very

Debit Cards For Workers Comp Temporary Total Payments

Debit Cards Payments Money Management By Injured Employee Having debit cards for WC payments seems like a good idea. I will be traveling to the Workers Compensation Conference in Las Vegas next week. I usually attend a national conference every 5- 7 years. My last conference attendance was the RIMS

State Mandated Maximum Benefit Rates – Are They Fair?

State Mandated Maximum Benefit Rates The general Workers Compensation formula for weekly benefit rates = Average Weekly Wage (AWW) * .6667. The weekly benefit rates usually have a maximum. I had been told in my career that the maximum benefited the employer two-fold: The high wage earning employee would have

Temporary Total Disability Period Increases Nationwide

Temporary Total Disability Period Claims In a recent workers compensation study by NCCI , the total disability period for injured workers indicated the Temporary Total Disability (TTD) period had increased sharply over the last three years. I decided to check a few numbers their study produced to see if there

Indemnity Benefits Have Many Options To Replace Wages

Term Of The Day – Indemnity Benefits The term refers to the amount paid out due to a loss or damage. In Workers Comp, Indemnity Benefits pay an employee for lost wages due to an on the job injury or illness. It covers anything that prevents a worker from returning to



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