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Lag Time

First Reports Of Injury – File Them Online Now Or Pay 400% Later

First Reports Of Injury Should Be Filed ASAP – No Excuses Workers Compensation First Reports of Injury (FROI) are an employer’s first step in Loss Control.  Loss Control is not the same as Loss Prevention.  Loss Control to me is defined as the prevention of future losses AFTER an occurrence of a

Lag Time In First Reports Very Costly To Employee and Employer

Lag Time Costs Employers Now And In The Future Lag Time is a very simple Workers Comp term. It is a measurement of how quickly the employer reports an injury to the insurance carrier or TPA. A longer lag time is money the employer is throwing down the drain. Many

Ladder of Workers Compensation Insurance = Bankrupt Contractors

Ladder Of Workers Compensation  Insurance Warning For Contractors The Ladder of Workers Compensation insurance can wreak havoc on a Contractor’s policy. I had originally written on this subject within the last year. As I have recently covered subcontractors, I thought this would be a good time to cover the Ladder

Great Workers Comp Move For Employers By Colorado Governor

Colorado Governor’s Great Workers Comp Move A great Workers Comp move was made in Colorado recently by the Governor. Senate Bill 37 is a measure that begins the process of slowly eliminating a surcharge that Colorado businesses pay on workers compensation premiums. SB 37 was unanimously approved by a House



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