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Fee Schedule Study By WCRI – No Surprises Found on Savings

Recent Fee Schedule Study – Shows The Same Result As Always – Important A recent fee schedule study was published recently by WCRI (Workers Comp Research Institute).   The recent fee schedule study came to the same conclusions as many previous studies by WCRI and other organizations.   Free Fee Schedule

No Wisconsin Medical Fee Schedule = Higher Medical Costs

WCRI Report Shows That No Wisconsin Medical Fee Schedule = Higher Costs Workers Comp fee schedules tend to keep costs down in most states.   A Wisconsin medical fee schedule for Workers Comp would assist Badger State employers in keeping their Workers Comp costs in control. WCRI (Workers Comp Research Institute)

Workers Comp Outpatient Medical Costs – Fee Schedules Win Again

States With Fee Schedules Have Lower Workers Comp Outpatient Medical Costs – WCRI Fee schedules have appeared in this blog many times due to the economic effects they have on medical bills.   WCRI (Workers Comp Research Institute) published a study this week showing that fee schedules lower Workers Comp outpatient

Medical Fee Schedule Dilemma – WCRI Study – High Cost States Have None

Medical Fee Schedule Dilemma – No Schedule Means Higher Costs Now and In Future The WCRI (Workers Compensation Research Institute) just released a study pointing out a medical fee schedule dilemma.   The states that still hold on to the old U&C (Usual and Customary) method of charging for workers’ compensation

WCRI Chart ASCs vs. Hospitals Shows Interesting 18 State Comparison

WCRI Chart On ASC Studies Shows Need For Fee Schedules in Workers Compensation A recent WCRI Chart (Workers Compensation Research Institute) pointed out a hidden result that was picked up at least partially by a few bloggers.  The chart below comes from a study the WCRI released on November 25th.

Workers Compensation Fee Schedules Win Again – WCRI’s Free Study

Workers Compensation Fee Schedules = Less Costly Claims and Premiums Virtually all Workers Compensation Fee Schedules cut comp costs across the board.   Check out this search for  fee schedules articles on this website.   WCRI  just published a massive study on workers compensation fee schedules.   The study covers 87% of the

New Virginia Medical Fee Schedule – Closer Look

New Virginia Medical Fee Schedule Active on January 1, 2018 The new Virginia medical fee schedule for Workers Compensation commences in a few weeks.   I actually thought it would not happen for another few years.   The new Virginia medical fee schedule leaves just four states that do not have medical

Wisconsin Medical Fee Schedule Absence Very Expensive Option – WCRI

WCRI-Wisconsin Medical Fee Schedule Lacking A Wisconsin medical fee schedule would likely help out the Badger State.   WCRI ( Workers Comp Research Institute) recently updated its analysis of the Workers Comp environment in Wisconsin. One of the easiest ways to cut Workers Comp costs in a state is to enact

Virginia Medical Fee Schedule Now Reality After Decade

Virginia Medical Fee Schedule Finally Enacted The lack of a Virginia Medical Fee Schedule has long been a concern of mine and many of the Dominion State’s employers.   Fee schedules do save a large amount of Workers Comp dollars while still ensuring that injured employees receive the best medical

Is New Virginia Rule 14 Work Comp Fee Schedule?

The New Virginia Rule 14 – Fee Schedule Soon? The new State of Virginia Rule 14 is now closed for comments.   A copy of the Proposed Rule 14 can be found here.  (PDF File). According to the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission, a public hearing on Virginia Rule 14 was

No Fee Schedules Cost Employers WC $ – Virginia Update

No Fee Schedules Cost Employers $$$ The lack of Fee Schedules cost employers dearly in extra workers compensation premiums. After looking at the chart again from yesterday’s article on WCRI’s 16 state report on medical costs, there is an obvious trend that is very apparent on Workers Compensation medical costs.

Workers Comp Fee Schedules – Follow Up To My Last Post

Workers Comp Fee Schedules As Cost Controllers Workers Comp fee schedules are one of the best ways for a state to help employers control WC costs. Yesterday, I posted an article on the new NCCI study on fee schedules.  After talking with a few prognosticators in the health insurance and

Fee Schedules Effect on Workers Comp Costs – New Study From NCCI

NCCI Study on Effect of Fee Schedules NCCI is one of my favorite companies.  They recently produced a great study on  fee schedules. They have always been very nice to me and oh, so helpful at any of their meetings and conferences that I have attended over the years; and

Physician Fee Schedules NCCI Conducts 31 State Study

Physician Fee Schedules Studied By NCCI The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) recently published two studies on the effects of fee schedules on physician charges.   These were supposedly the first studies that analyzed this specific type of data.  However, the Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) has performed similar

Medical Fee Schedules Virginia Inaction Cost Employers 13%

Medical Fee Schedules – Virginia Legislature Moves On To Other Things Virginia’s decision on medical fee schedules will cost the state’s employers dearly.  The Virginia State Legislature decided to not act on fixing their Worker Comp medical fees.  As I pointed out in previous posts, Virginia is one of the

Iowa Approves 7.9% Rate Increase In a Down Economy?

Iowa Approves 7.9% Increase in Rates (Ouch) The state of Iowa Approves a 7.9 percent rate increase.   NCCI recommended that Iowa increase its Workers Compensation rates by 7.9% (3% effective 01/01/13 + additional 4%  on 07/01/13).  Iowa subsequently approved the rate increases. This was rather surprising in such a

Indiana Rate Increase = Sharp Increase In Medical Costs

Medical Cost – Indiana Rate Increase of 5% The Indiana rate increase in medical cost should come as no surprise. Yesterday, I posted on the increase in Indiana’s advisory rates of 5%.  I had actually written the article under the impression that the lack of a fee schedule was to

Work Comp Fee Schedules – Savings Do Not Stop There

The Savings Do Not Stop With Work Comp Fee Schedules The Work Comp Fee Schedules have always been a way to cut comp costs.  the savings do not stop there.NCCI had lowered the loss costs or advisory rates for Illinois and Tennessee. The reductions were due to both states enacting

Workers Comp Medical Fee Schedules – Are They Worth It?

Medical Fee Schedules For Workers Comp Workers Comp medical fee schedules are they worth it for the state without one to act for their constituent employers? Missouri, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa and Virginia all have two things in common that only these six states share. I had written about

Virginia Has High Medical Costs Per Claim According to WCRI

High Medical Costs Per Claim In Virginia A recent study by WCRI indicates that the state of Virginia has one of the higher medical costs per Workers Compensation lost time claim. WCRI’s recent study included 16 states. Virginia’s average medical cost per claim was 22% higher than the median state.

Is Virginia Most Expensive State For WC Medical Costs?

Virginia The Most Expensive State The most expensive state for WC medical costs is Virginia. This article is a follow-up from this post on medical costs. The previous article examined Workers Comp medical costs in Virginia as being the highest in the nation. I decided to see if NCCI agreed

Where Do I Find Workers Compensation State Medical Fee Schedule?

A State Medical Fee Schedule Usually Saves Funds States without  a Workers Compensation medical fee schedule become more rare every year. At last count, there are approximately 42 states with fee schedules.  They basically allow a maximum charge for a medical provider (physician, hospital, physical therapist, etc.) per CPT code.

Workers Comp Medical bill fee schedule Nonexistent In Few States

Corrected on States Without Workers Comp Medical Bill Fee Schedules The States of Virginia Workers Comp Medical Bill Fee Schedules does not exist.  A few weeks ago, I posted a blog on the States that have no medical fee schedules. I stand corrected as I left Virginia out as a

Workers Compensation Medical Fee Schedules – Not In These States

Workers Compensation Medical Fee Schedules Workers Compensation medical fee schedules do cut comp costs. After my last post, I received the question – Which states still do not have a fee schedule for their Workers Comp medical bills? After some research, I found out that there were now only five

Tennessee Workers Comp Health Costs Controlled By Fee Schedule

Tennessee Workers Comp Health Costs Lowered Fee schedules for Tennessee Workers Comp health Costs work reduced medical costs in the state without question. Most of the Workers Compensation data has shown that medical costs have been outpacing all other costs in Workers Comp claims. Medical costs are now approaching 60%



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