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IRS Workers Comp Rules – Two Payment Red Flags To Avoid

IRS Workers Comp Rules – Pay Attention To These Three Closely Every year near the personal tax filing deadline, we receive questions on IRS Workers Comp rules.  This year was no different with the COVID-extended deadline of July 15th.  I decided to cover the one IRS Workers Comp Rule that

IRS Publication 15A – Independent Contractor vs. Employee Examples

Employee vs. Independent Contractor – Great Examples From IRS Publication 15A The IRS Publication 15A – Titled – Employer’s Supplemental Tax Guide still provides many tips when hiring employees or subcontractors for a business.   You can download the publication here. Every small employer that prepares to grow their business should

IRS Subcontractor Section Update Adds Government Employees

Updated IRS Subcontractor Section – Great Subcontractor vs. Employee Status Rules Last month, the IRS Subcontractor Section was updated with new information.   As promised, the IRS updates to these pages will appear in this blog as I find them. For premium audits, make sure that all subcontractors are noted so

New IRS Subcontractor Rules Straight From Their Website

New IRS Subcontractor Rules Revisited Each Tax Year The New IRS Subcontractor rules now contains a helpful brochure better known as Publication 1779.    As with the prior year, the three areas that determine whether a subcontractor should be reported as an employee are: Behavioral Control Financial Control Relationship of

IRS Contractor Employee Rules – Updated Web Page With Videos

IRS Contractor Employee Rules Have Been Updated The IRS Contractor Employee rules assist business owners with who can be considered independent contractors or employees.  Each state’s Workers Comp rules may have their own employee vs. contractor tests.   The IRS Contractor Employee rules supply a great basic place to start

Subcontractors And Statutory Employees IRS Publication 15-A

Subcontractors And Statutory Employees Classifying Subcontractors And Statutory Employees can be a difficult task for  any business.  A great publication on employee classification is IRS Publication 15-A (PDF File) along with this IRS webpage. This is not to be confused with classification codes. One of the more informative sections from the

Subcontractors FLSA – Department of Labor v IRS

Department of Labor v IRS – Subcontractors FLSA IRS guide to subcontractors FLSA vs Department of Labor. The FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) was enumerated by the Department of Labor’s (DOL)) interpretation of  recent Supreme Court decisions. We received two emails on Monday with questions on how to determine the

Captive RRG Legal and Regulatory Environment – CICA Conference

Captive RRG Legal and Regulatory Environment Captive RRG Legal and Regulatory Environment – I actually attended five different sessions on Day Two of the conference.   There was a common theme to two of the sessions.  This article will be a combo article of that  theme. Captives and RRG’s  have always

IRS Independent Contractor Determination Not Magic

IRS Independent Contractor Determination The IRS independent contractor determination can be very helpful to contracting companies.   The IRS recently updated their info on the Employee vs. Independent Contractor determination decision by an employer. The complete breakdown of the common law rules the IRS independent contractor determination is listed in this

Independent Contractor vs Employee Definition From IRS

Independent Contractor vs Employee Definition The independent contractor vs employee definition has been the bane of companies for many years. The Internal Revenue Service is always a great place to find information on independent contractors. Of course, the information is common law and your applicable states or states may vary

IRS Advice on Subcontractor vs. Employee Conundrum – National Outlook

IRS Advice on Subcontractor vs. Employee  Determination The IRS advice has been updated on the Subcontractor vs. Employee conundrum.  The best way to understand IRS advice in this article is to follow all the links below. The Internal Revenue Service periodically publishes updates on how an employer should differentiate between

IRS Amnesty Program Causes Work Comp Class Code Confusion

IRS Amnesty Program Has Nothing To Do With Class Codes The IRS has initiated an amnesty program for Worker Classifications.  This is not the same as Workers Compensation Classification codes.  The amnesty program was designed for whether workers are independent contractors or employees.   This is a great article on the

Are Workers Comp Payments Taxable?

Workers Comp Benefits Not Taxable In Most Cases Are Workers Comp Payments Taxable In Most States?   We receive many emails each month from employees and employers on this very subject. The tax liability of Workers Comp payments seems to ramp up this time of year when the tax filing

IRS Assists in Subcontractor vs Employee Determination

Subcontractor vs Employee Determination Determining whether someone that assists your company is an employee or subcontractor can be tedious as best. There are many articles in this blog that cover subcontractors including the Ladder of Insurance (c). The Internal Revenue Service has a great series of videos for small business

Workers Comp Audit Subcontractor vs Employee IRS Updated Guidelines

IRS Updated Guidelines – Workers Comp Audit The subcontractor vs employee IRS updated guidelines for Workers Comp audits. Premium auditors seem to be listing all contractors as employees lately even if provided with a certificate of insurance. Differentiating between employees and subcontractors can be confusing for many employers. There is a

Independent Contractor vs Employee – IRS Issues New Rulings

Independent Contractor vs Employee Independent contractor status for Workers Compensation is one of the most discussed topics I have come across lately. Have the rules changed that much over the last few years? Check these links for a few articles I had written in the past on subcontractors, ladder of

Subcontractor vs Employee – Insider IRS Guide Great Explanations

 IRS Guide To Subcontractor vs Employee Determination I was going to reprint the IRS’s guide to Subcontractor vs Employee. Lately, we receive this type of question more than the Premium Audit Bill inquiries. I then came across The Training Manual used by the Internal Revenue Service for separating employees and

Independent Contractors – Workers Compensation vs. IRS

IRS Tips On Independent Contractor vs. Employee One of the most controversial subjects in Workers Comp is how insurance carriers charge employers the proper premiums for independent contractors. Insurance carriers have begun to be very aggressive in declaring independent contractors as employees. The IRS, who has one of the best

What Is Difference Between IRS Audit and Workers Comp Audit

IRS Audit and a Workers Comp Audit – Comparison Many similarities exist between an IRS  audit and a WC audit. I was actually asked a very similar question at one of my last presentations. I had originally thought there were no similarities between the two. Once I thought it over,

Workers Comp Captives – Viable Alternative Unless IRS Changes

Workers Comp Captives – IRS Mulling Changes The Workers Comp Captives are the IRS news today. The blog post today was supposed to be about Searching for Workers Comp terms in Google and the mistakes that are made in the Work Comp searches. We will get back to that tomorrow



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