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Defense Base Act

Answers To Workers Compensation Questions – Outside US

Answers To Workers Compensation Questions The answers to workers compensation questions below are from this Cutcompcosts article from last week.   The theme is Workers Compensation Outside the US.   Follow the link to the original article for the questions.  Thanks.   The pic has nothing to do with WC.

Workers Comp Articles – Outside of US

Workers Comp Articles The 1,530+ workers comp articles on Cutcompcosts cover some of the topics outside the US.  I will try to cover more of those in the upcoming weeks. The last workers comp questions and answers were very popular.  Below are questions that pertain to WC outside of the

Defense Base Act – Coverage For Overseas Subcontractors

Overseas Subcontractors And The Defense Base Act For Overseas Subcontractors, The Defense Base Act  (DBA) is a very important part of the Workers Compensation system.  The Defense Base Act provides compensation for disability or death to persons employed at the military, air, and naval bases outside the United States.    The Act

Premium Audit Errors and Overcharges Are Not Just For Private Employers

Overcharges And Premium Audit Errors Overcharges and premium audit errors are not only for private employers. Premium audit and policy errors can affect any employer, no matter the size of the business. One of the largest premium errors I have seen was pointed out in a few articles last week.

Defense Firms Are Going to Pool their Workers Comp

Defense Contractors Working Overseas Workers comp coverage for defense contractors working overseas may shift to a single insurer in the near future under a law recently signed by President Bush. The idea is based on risk pooling as a way to cut costs. I have always been a supporter of



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