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CMS WCMSA Against CIGA Turned Away By Federal Court

CMS WCMSA Medicare A CMS WCMSA is turned away by the Federal Court system partially.  Acronyms are as follows : CMS – Center for Medicare Medicaid Services WCMSA – Workers Compensation Medicare Set  Aside CIGA – California Insurance Guarantee Association The order can be found here..   It is a

CMS Self Administered Toolkit for WCMSA’s – Confusing Section

CMS Self Administered Toolkit This article is a continuation of  the CMS Self Administered Toolkit.  The CMS (see yesterday’s J&L Blog article) has done a good job in attempting to provide injured employees with a guide if they decide to self-administer their WCMSA’s (Workers Compensation Medical Set Asides).   Most

Medicare Set Aside Enforcement Caused Claim Counts To Spiral

Medicare Set Aside Enforcement Caused a Backlog? Did the Medicare Set Aside Enforcement by CMS cause claims count to spiral?   The Medicare Set Asides (MSA’s) for Workers Comp article that I posted on last week is here. I wanted to continue that article. After a few intense calculations, I

Medicare Set Asides Cause Claim Counts To Spiral?

Medicare Set Aside Claim Counts I was reading a few articles this week on the rise of Workers Comp claim counts. I was astonished at the number of open Workers Compensation claims. Are some TPA’s, employers and insurance carriers deciding to leave their clams open for a longer period of

Liability CLaims MSA Reporting Now Due To CMS

Liability Claims MSA Report Now Required By CMS The Liability Claims MSA reports are now due. The data for Workers Comp Medicare Set Asides (WCMSA or MSA) were supposed to be reported to the CMS by January 1, 2010 by insurance carriers, TPA’s or employers. There was a little confusion

Medicare Set Aside Compliance Rules Directly From CMS

Medicare Set Aside Compliance Rules -A History and Analysis The Medicare Set Aside compliance rules begin with the MSA Memo from CMS. I have been asked numerous times over the last few months on the status of the Workers Comp Medicare Set asides. Many questions centered around what type of

Upcoming MSA Crisis Or Should I Say Past?

The Upcoming MSA Crisis Is an MSA crisis upcoming? I am not a Medicare Set Aside Agreement (MSA) expert. There are few people that actually are overall. The one concern I have is that I do not think all participants are compliant with the reporting requirements by the MSA. The

Medicare Set Aside (MSA) Rules – In Nutshell

Medicare Set Aside (MSA) Rules Medicare Set Aside (MSA) rules confuse many people. Recently, I posted on Medicare Set Asides (MSA or WCMSA). I received quite a few questions on how to quickly tell if MSA’s are necessary or not or Workers Comp files. I have seen flowcharts online that

Workers Comp Medicare Set Aside Concerns

Workers Comp Medicare Set Aside (WCMSA) There are a few concerns that I have concerning my last post on Workers Comp Medicare Set Aside. The info from the CMS website is in italics. Annuities  Payout totals for all annuities to fund the above expenses should be used rather than cost

Workers Compensation MSA Claims Monitoring – Threshold Key

Monitoring Workers Compensation MSA Claims I received a question about how to monitor workers compensation MSA claims for Workers Comp. Please check the last post for the definition of a Medical Set Aside or MSA claim. The best way to monitor the MSA – sometimes called WCMSA is to examine

WCMSA – Workers Compensation Claims Premiums Federalized 1980

WCMSA – How Workers Compensation Became Federalized The WCMSA rules by The Center For Medicare/Medicaid services (CMS  have been in place for years.  I received a large number of questions on the subject of Workers Comp Medical Set Asides (MSA’s). The previous article on MSA’s was the most popular article



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