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Bureau of Labor Statistics

247,120 Slips, Trips, And Falls Devastate 2014 Workers Comp Budgets

247,120 Slips, Trips, And Falls – Increased by 8% Slips, trips, and falls as a type of  WC injury increased by 8% when compared to 2013  figures.  According to the BLS  (Bureau of Labor Statistics), there were 247,120 slips trips and falls in 2014.   This figure was much more

BLS Publishes Pilot Test Modified and Restricted Duty

BLS Publishes Pilot Test – Full Of Good Info The BLS publishes pilot test on Modified and restricted duty that is  full of great charts and data. The BLS (Bureau of Labor and Statistics) has more labor statistics than any site on the web.  If you are a writer or presenter,

Workplace Transportation Incidents Account For 40% Of Fatalities – BLS

Workplace Transportation Incidents Account Workplace transportation incidents = 40% of fatalities according to the BLS.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released various  studies on Workplace Fatalities.  An article was published earlier this year on The 25 Most Dangerous Jobs The numbers below are preliminary. The statistics are usually changed slightly as

Insurance Industry Employment Numbers – Better Than Last Year

Insurance Industry Employment Numbers Still Not Great Figures In late 2012, Workers Compensation insurance industry employment was stable. The numbers for Workers Comp actually were mixed in with property and casualty. A few insurance industry employment areas have actually reduced greatly over time.  Some of the reduction was due to the

Top 25 Dangerous Jobs – Highest Injury Rates 2011 and 2012

Top 25 Dangerous Jobs Using BLS Statistics The Top 25 Dangerous Jobs list contained a few surprises.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes many great employment statistics.  When I was searching for the injury rates of the teacher from yesterday’s article, I came across the injury rate rankings of the most dangerous

Bureau of Labor Statistics Provides Huge Amount of Workers Comp Data

Bureau of Labor Statistics – A Wellspring of Data The Bureau of Labor Statistics  can be found at bls.gov One of the great providers of Workers Compensation data is the Bureau of  Labor Statistics .   One has to know where to look to find the best WC data.   Some

Workers Comp Employment Numbers Show Stability

Workers Comp Employment Numbers Employment numbers for Workers Comp were surprisingly stable over the last few years.  The Insurance Information institute article that I referenced from yesterday’s post on Workers Comp and The Fiscal Cliff  indicated the recent employment numbers for property casualty (P/C) were not diminishing whatsoever. The insurance employment



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